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Change Your Mindset

Helping professionals who struggle with anxiety, fears, and overwhelm relating to fertility, pregnancy, or behaviours affecting their well-being.

Empowering them with the tools and mindset to wake up feeling calm, balanced, with higher levels of self-esteem and confidence, so they feel happier, in control, and optimistic about the future.

I like to speak to anyone before they book an appointment, so get in touch and find out how Hypnotherapy & Confidence Coaching could enable you to gain clarity on how you can live the life you want.

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Personalised Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions. Take control of your anxiety & panic attacks, fears or phobias.  Boost your self confidence. Banish unhealthy habits. Manage IBS. Improve your sleep. lose weight.

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confidence coaching

Helping you gain confidence and clarity about your future so you can be the person you want to be and met the goals you have always dreamed off. Discover your strengths, transform your beliefs and begin to live the life you want.

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Fertility Hypnotherapy ealing

Suitable if you are trying to conceive, have unexplained infertility, for IUI or IVF programmes, have suffered a miscarriage, hormonal imbalance, endometriosis or PCOS. I also offer Fertility Reflexology.

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hypnobirthing sessions online

Hypnobirthing, Hypnosis for Childbirth for natural birth or c-section. Manage morning sickness, release pregnancy anxiety. Clear previous birth trauma. I also offer Maternity Reflexology for all stages of pregnancy.

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I first discovered Jo a few years ago while going through a very stressful time in my life when I was feeling anxious and had difficulty sleeping. I attended a hypnotherapy course which really helped me to feel calm and sleep better. I still see Jo on a regular basis for reflexology which I love, I find it soothing and always leave feeling calm and refreshed. I would highly recommend Jo she's amazing!

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Online Hypnotherapy & Coaching

I am a Mindset & Confidence Coach and Cognitive Hypnotherapist with over 10 years' experience. I am trained to use personalised, highly effective, evidence based Hypnotherapy and Coaching techniques to support you both emotionally and mentally. Everyone is absolutely unique and your treatment will be focused on your individual needs.

I have Rooms in Ealing & London and offer Online Hypnotherapy and Coaching sessions via Zoom.

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Access Relaxation mp3s

Stressed? Anxious? Finding it difficult to unwind?

Whether you are struggling with fertility issues, anxious about pregnancy or just want to look after your general health and well-being this is an opportunity for you to experience the benefits of hypnosis.

Receive my Relax and Keeping You Healthy mp3s.

Client Reviews

So after a life time of being addicted to Choclate and gained 4 stone After trying everything I decided to try Hypnotherapy to be honest I wasn’t convinced it would work but was willing to try anything to help find myself again and be free from eating Choclate. I came across jo on a google search and after contacting her and discussing things I booked my session. Well all I can say is it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Since being hypnotised which is coming up to 3 weeks ago I haven’t eaten or thought about Choclate I have lost weight and feel so much better about my self. I would highly recommend jo and can’t thank her enough for helping me get control of my addiction and setting me free
Laura B.
20:52 30 Mar 21
I recently had a session with Jo via zoom to address my anxiety about going to the dentist. I thought that if hypnobirthing techniques work for childbirth, then they'll surely help me cope with the dentist's drill (lol). The techniques Jo shared along with listening to her MP3s really made a BIG difference to my mental state. Her calm, soothing and pragmatic voice really helped to alleviate my stress. While I doubt I'll ever be a fan of going to the dentist, at least now I don't fear it! 🙌✨
G G.
10:11 26 Aug 20
Thank you very much Jo for my facetime session with you which you helped me to stop my craving and unhealthy habit of eating far to much chocolate as I was out of control and you helped me stop it and have willpower and now my cravings have stopped. Thank you so much for being there to help me as I already feel healthier and not an addict to chocolate any longer which is very rewarding. Thank you Jo, Hayley.
Hayley P.
11:07 20 Aug 20
Jo was great at helping me establish coping mechanisms to get over my fear of needles. The session was at the start of lockdown so over Zoom but really helped even without being face to face.Super tangible techniques to help you cope with the fear.
Natalie A.
15:26 14 Aug 20
This is my second time visiting Jo & she did not disappoint.Jo taught me the skills of Hypnobirthing during my first pregnancy, it kept my anxiety levels in check during my pregnancy & gave me the tools to enable a drug free labour (& that’s not to say that the birth was not without its challenges!!)I got in touch with Jo again for a refresher during my second pregnancy & was a little nervous how this would work across zoom video calls - I needn’t have worried, it was just as effective & she put me at ease very quickly.The recordings Jo creates are personalised & make such a difference to your perspective as you head into the unknown - just make sure you make the time to actually listen to them!Can’t speak highly enough about Jo, would definitely recommend
Jaclyn M.
11:02 16 Jul 20
I met with Jo recently - virtually via Zoom - as I was struggling with very bad nausea and food aversions during my first trimester of pregnancy. After one session I felt a world of difference, in fact I have barely had either symptom since. It feels amazing to have found Jo and I'm looking forward to our next two sessions focused on hypnobirthing later in my pregnancy, and trust that the sessions will be equally as beneficial and successful. Thanks Jo - I am so pleased to recommend you far and wide!
Ellie C.
22:01 24 May 20
Jo was absolutely fantastic at helping me! I really cannot recommend her work enough. From initial consultation to the hypnotherapy and then the aftercare mp3's. I feel so much better. Thanks Jo!
Samantha R.
17:36 17 Mar 20
Jo was very friendly and easy to chat with. She put me at ease and listened to what my issues were. For me it was the fact I eat (or did eat) snacks and chocolate continually between meals. 1 hour with Jo and a few listens to the audio she sent me and it’s history. Jo also emails for progress reports which are a good confidence boost to provide. 3 weeks down the line I am 8.5 pounds lighter and haven’t craved any chocolate and sweets, when I am offered them it’s a simple “no thanks I don’t eat chocolate,” it’s an automatic reply needing no thought process from myself. I Highly recommend Jo. Thanks for your help and support in helping me achieve my goal.
Dave B
21:06 24 Feb 20
I went to Jo for driving anxiety and I found the experience and advice so helpful. I definitely have a different perspective and feel more confident
Georgina R.
20:58 08 Jan 20
Brilliant at what she does. Helps in a really positive way and brings out the best in you. Thank Jo.Gemini
14:03 19 Nov 19
Thank you so much for the session Jo, it really helped me prepare for my flight and enjoy my holiday. I listened to the mp3 on the way to the airport and felt really good on the plane. On the way back I didn’t listen to anything but throughout the flight felt in control. Highly recommend- thanks again! LS
Lu S.
15:09 25 Jun 19
Brilliant! After each session Jo has made me feel more relaxed than what I thought was possible. Thanks to these session I feel better able to manage my stress and anxieties.
Rupa P.
17:21 19 Jan 19
I went to see Jo for Hypnobirthing to prepare for the birth of my second baby. Towards the end of the pregnancy, the baby was presenting breech and Jo provided techniques to assist the baby to turn which fortunately happened. I had a successful normal delivery and greatly benefited from seeing Jo for coping with the anxiety prior to birth and managing the pain during labour. Thank you Jo for your professionalism.
Ash P
10:56 29 Nov 18
Jo helped me tremendously during my journey through infertility, and equipped me with the tools to increase feelings of calm and relaxation and remove limiting beliefs that may be hindering conception. It has been 13 months since my first session with Jo - and I am now 16 weeks pregnant. Thanks, Jo for all your support!
Jaime L.
07:44 16 May 18
Being a first time mum, I was filled with anxiety about giving birth and everything that went along with it. I also suffered from SPD, which at times was excruciating and meant that I could only get around with the use of crutches. This was exactly the reason I sought help from Jo and I'm glad that I did. Jo taught me various techniques to help control my level of pain and ease my worries about labour. My outlook on motherhood completely changed after just a few sessions and I'm now calmer and feeling so much more positive about the whole experience. Thank you Jo!
Delia P.
11:13 22 Jan 18
Jo helped me with my pregnancy anxiety, the session made a real difference. I'm planning on returning for some hypnobirthing sessions.
Sara Feldmann B.
13:20 15 Dec 17
Amazing! I feel well-equipped for a calm, peaceful labour! Can't recommend Jo enough :))
Fortuna B.
17:54 16 Jun 17
I had never tried hypnotherapy before, but Jo put me at ease and I can say that the sessions and the personal recording has helped me tremendously. Thanks Jo!
15:54 23 Nov 16
I have attended different types of therapy over the years but this was a first time for cognitive hypnotherapy. Jo is very considerate and caring but is very good at exploring your issues and she is able to offer a range of different treatments that suit you and your style.My treatments were initially for weight loss and insomnia, however Jo was more than happy to explore other issues that came to light. When I first went I wasn’t in a very good place, however her patience and expertise with the topics have been very beneficial to me and I would recommend Jo in a flash for anyone who felt they needed some help. Jo creates tailored sessions that are adapted for you with a combination of face-to-face sessions, practical exercises and downloads that you can listen to at home.The treatment has been of great value to me personally and I am glad that I decided to try this style of therapy. Some people are very sceptical regarding hypnotherapy, however I would encourage you to keep an open mind, as it is a very practical treatment that offers individuals a huge personal benefit…so go on give it a try.
Yvette K.
16:45 12 May 15
I went to see Jo to receive Hypnotherapy for issues around confidence with ski-ing, as we were about to go on a family ski-ing holiday and in previous years I found that as the week went on, my confidence diminished and my ski-ing deteriorated. After an initial telephone consultation, and then a face to face session, Jo created a mp3 for me to listen to daily in the weeks leading up to the holiday. I have to say that it had a huge impact. I was much more confident in my ability and enjoyed the whole holiday, and was ski-ing competently throughout. I even managed two black runs!
Emily F.
13:47 11 Aug 14
Jo made me feel at ease right from the start, she really listened to me and understood what I wanted help with. I gained a lot of understanding about myself and went away with lots of tools to take and keep my problem away! She is very knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend her! DRW - Middlesex
Deb W.
08:58 31 Jul 14
"I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my lack of self confidence. I felt you showed kindness, compassion and understanding and helped improve my confidence levels very quickly. I have now achieved things I never thought I would. Thanks to your knowledge and professional approach I now understand the link between the past and what's been happening in my life." L.S - Nurse
Louise S.
20:44 07 Apr 14
I contacted Jo because I had a problem with sleeping. After two sessions and with the help of relaxation tapes that she prepared for me my sleeping has improved - most nights I fall asleep quickly and sleep through the night. I am amazed and delighted. I would recommend Jo's hypnotherapy sessions to anyone with a similar problem
Ann V.
19:26 28 Mar 14
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