Fertility Hypnotherapy

For Natural & Assisted Conception including IVF

Having trouble conceiving? Feeling frustrated, angry and out of control?

Fertility Hypnotherapy & Coaching is a safe, natural and powerful way of regaining some control and balance in your life, so normal life can continue during your fertility journey, whilst increasing your chances of conception.

Hypnotherapy for Fertility sessions will help you to change your limiting beliefs, psychological blocks and fears so you can begin to accept where you are on your journey and what you are feeling. Many clients feel very anxious and negative and have no idea how to manage their stress and the emotions related to their fertility journey.

Hypnotherapy for Fertility could support you through unexplained infertility, assisted programmes (IVF, ICSI, GIFT, IUI, or fertility drugs), the trauma of a miscarriage, IVF failure or a bereavement.

I can not guarantee a pregnancy but there is overwhelming evidence showing your hormones, ovulation and other factors effecting reproduction could be affected by what is going on in your mind.

Make sure you are in "the right place" mentally and emotionally to fall pregnant.

Jo Simons - Fertility Hypnotherapist & Coach

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I have been there too ...

Everyone’s fertility issues are unique, but you may benefit from seeing someone who can relate to your journey.

I spent years trying to conceive, suffering with the stress of unexplained infertility with my inner voice saying "I'm a failure", "I'm too old", resulting in feelings of jealousy and stress. I put my life on hold whilst I underwent exhausting tests, IUI and IVF programmes.

Most people, even those close to you, can't begin to understand the distress and roller coaster of emotions you can go through. Now the mum of a teenager, I am able to empathise with your feelings of anxiety without my emotions getting in the way.

I provide specialist support to women on their fertility journey and throughout their pregnancy. My specific Fertility Hypnosis training allows me to use powerful mind-body techniques which could help you improve your emotional well-being and enable you to enjoy your life again, giving you the best possible chance of conceiving.

I am also privileged to be working in partnership with FERTIFA, the UK’s leading fertility benefits provider for employers, providing Fertility Hypnotherapy treatments for their clients.

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Hypnotherapy for Fertility Sessions

Hypnofertility sessions support you on your journey to fall pregnant and will:

  • Teach you techniques to manage your anxiety. Reducing your stress will enable the key fertility hormones to be in better balance.

  • Rebuild your self esteem and confidence so you feel positive about your life.

  • Restore your mental and emotional balance. Helping you to manage any feelings of anger, jealousy, isolation, guilt.

  • Resolve any blocks which may be preventing conception. Such as anxiety about miscarriage, previous termination, pregnancy itself, giving birth or even becoming a mum.

  • Help you to banish unhealthy habits such as your diet, smoking, alcohol or lack of exercise, so you know you are in the optimum space to fall pregnant.

  • Help improve your relationship and healthy focus so you can stop your life becoming purely about "Project Baby".

  • Support you to make decisions about fertility treatments and other options for parenthood.

  • Help you manage any fears such as medical procedures or NEEDLE PHOBIA which could prevent or hinder the process.

  • If necessary help you to accept infertility and to plan a different future.

Dramatic changes often occur when potential blocks are resolved, including emotional and physical changes to ovulation, the menstrual cycle and falling pregnant.

Obviously we never 100% know what has caused the change but it will be beneficial to feel calm and in control of your emotional well-being to achieve conception and a successful pregnancy.

Women who were stressed produced 20% fewer eggs during a cycle than women who were not experiencing symptoms of stress. University of California, 2005.

I will give you Hypnosis for Fertility mp3s to listen to at home to support each stage of your fertility treatment. Helping you to gain a relaxed and positive mindset during what can be a very stressful time.

Male Infertility and Anxiety

Male infertility is just as common as female infertility but is less talked about. This often leaves the male feeling emotional and isolated, and can lead to depression and anger. Sometimes impotence can also happen as self confidence diminishes.

Males also suffer from their own anxieties on the fertility journey and can find Hypnotherapy gives them the opportunity to talk in an open manner so they can find their own inner peace and balance again.

If you both attend separate sessions confidentiality between partners will always be kept.

Client Feedback

Jo Simons - Hypnotherapy & Coaching
Based on 50 Google Reviews

I booked in with Jo when I was struggling with anxiety and uncertainty leading up to fertility treatment. I felt that Jo really understood how I was feeling and my situation.

The sessions were incredibly helpful and the recordings Jo sent me to listen to outside of the sessions, as well as the exercises she taught me during the sessions, were invaluable in helping to find a more calm headspace before and during IVF.

Many of them have been useful even after successful treatment and I go back and listen to them often.

I have carried some personal beliefs and negative feelings from the past with me since childhood which I felt might have a negative effect on my IVF treatment. Jo has helped me to change my beliefs and think more positively and to feel more positive about my IVF journey and the future.

Following each of our sessions Jo has sent me a personalised MP3 recording of the hypnosis part of the session. I have found this particularly beneficial as I have been able to listen to the session again at a time convenient to me and this enables me to reinforce things in between sessions.  In general it has helped me with relaxation and to move forwards on what has been a long and emotional journey for me.

Jo helped me tremendously during my journey through infertility, and equipped me with the tools to increase feelings of calm and relaxation and remove limiting beliefs that may be hindering conception.

It has been 13 months since my first session with Jo - and I am now 16 weeks pregnant. Thanks, Jo for all your support!

When I met Jo we had been trying for a baby for 14 months. I was initial looking at her support for relaxation as I wasn’t sleeping very well and was quite stressed. 

Through reflexology and hypnosis, Jo helped me relax in a new way. She gave me a relaxation and fertility imaginary MP3 to listen to. This changed my sleep pattern very quickly and I began to feel more relaxed.

Then amazingly after a couple of sessions I found I was pregnant naturally, my husband was amazed and was certain that my pregnancy had everything to do with Jo’s treatment. The only thing I had done different was her sessions.

I went to Jo for hypnosis for fertility and stress relief at work.

After my initial session I felt much calmer and relaxed. I now feel much more in control at work and feel a lot less stressed.

I cannot recommend Jo enough, she has made going to work almost a pleasure!

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Fertility Hypnosis for IVF

Over 50,000 In Vitro Fertilisation, IVF, cycles are performed each year in the UK.

When so much time, money and energy is invested by you into an IVF cycle you will want to give it your best possible chance. Preparing emotionally for a cycle is key and hypnosis could help you keep a positive psychological and emotional state during this process.

Those who participated in a mind and body programme for stress reduction while they were undergoing a second cycle IVF had a 52%  pregnancy rate compared to 20% pregnancy rate for those women who did not. Indicating that stress levels may impact IVF results.


Hypnosis can effectively double the success of IVF treatments. In this study women were hypnotised for the embryo transfer of their IVF  cycle.  28% became pregnant with hypnosis, compared to 14% of the non-hypnotised women in the control group.


"I have carried some personal beliefs and negative feelings with me which I felt might have a negative effect on my IVF treatment. Jo helped me to change my beliefs, and to feel more positive about my IVF journey and the future."

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Mind & Body Connection

Your mind and body are one system. The role of the mind and your body on your emotions is a vital one often overlooked in traditional fertility treatments.

The mind is capable of hindering us in our pursuits, but positive thoughts and emotions could also help you towards your goal. The body acts out and stores all the emotions and thoughts of the mind.

Together we will create a bespoke, individual therapy plan. This will use an extensive range of Cognitive Hypnotherapy cutting edge techniques, including hypnosis for fertility, nlp and positive psychology, so you start to notice a difference in the way you think and feel guiding your body towards what you want it to do.

Professional Hypnosis is nothing like you will have seen on the TV.  It is safe and the treatments will leave you in a relaxed, calm dreamlike state. You will be aware of what you are doing and saying at all times.

Fertility Articles

hypnotherapy could help your journey to parenthood.

Read my blog posts to find out how Hypnosis for Fertility could help your towards a healthy pregnancy.

Or have a look at the websites below.

HFEA Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. The UK's independent fertility regulator providing information about IVF, clinics and other fertility treatments.

Fertility Network UK Offering a wide range of resources and support including conception tips and how to choose a fertility clinic.

Hypnotherapy for Fertility Programme

Tailored help for your fertility journey

Suitable for Natural Fertility Conception as well as IVF Programmes

You will receive:

  • 3 private 60 minute personalised one-to- one Hypnotherapy for Fertility Sessions.

    Available Online via Zoom or in Ealing, West London.

  • Mp3 audio files to support you during the different stages of your fertility journey. You can easily download them to listen to as often as you would like, whether you are trying for natural or assisted conception.

    Allowing you to spend time relaxing, visualising what you want your mind and body to achieve, and will help to keep you grounded, calm and positive about your future.

    For IVF this will include, amongst others, audios for IVF Preparation, Embryo Transfer, Implantation and The 2 Week Wait. 

  • Email support between sessions.

    If you need some clarification or would like to run something by me. I’m here for you by email I can’t always respond immediately, but will do my best to give you the support you need.

Cost of the Hypnotherapy for Fertility Programme is £275


Individual Hypnofertility Sessions

If you would prefer to pay by session the cost is:

Online via Zoom or in Ealing, West London : £145 (90 minutes), £99 (60 minutes)

Central London: £199 (90 minutes), £150 (60 minutes).

Additional Fertility Support

If you are interested in investigating further holistic therapies to support fertility and conception I work with some other local therapists.

Hypnotherapy for Fertility has helped women like you conceive and get pregnancy more easily and quickly.

Are you ready to get rid of the overwhelm of infertility and to navigate your emotional roadblocks, to reduce your anxiety and to achieve a positive mindset so you find the real you again?

Contact me today for an initial, no obligation telephone consultation so you ask any questions you may have.

You will start to feel calmer, less stressed and back in control. Obviously, I can’t guarantee you get pregnant, but I will do everything I possibly can to help you.


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