Therapeutic Laser (Red Light Therapy) for Fertility

To offer clients other options to consider for fertility and conception, we encourage a holistic approach and RUTH PHYPERS combines her natural health and fitness knowledge with Low Level Laser Therapy technology, to offer a holistic natural health service.

Traditionally, reproductive medicine has maintained that ageing and declining egg quality is irreversible. Yet research into the effectiveness of LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY (LLLT) or PHOTOBIOMODULATION THERAPY FOR FERTILITY, shows that it is possible to improve egg quality, slow down the ageing process and significantly improve fertility for women and men.

Laser Medicine, based in Harley Street, London, applies a combination of Clinical Class 3b and Class 4 Therapeutic Lasers for the non-invasive application of Low Level Laser to the reproductive organs. They work with each individual to apply therapeutic laser protocols for fertility to help maximise the body’s energetic efficiency. These mechanisms and protocols are designed to help rejuvenate eggs and sperm quality, maximise an egg’s potential and can help to prepare the body for fertilisation and pregnancy.

Low Level Laser, through a process of photobiomodulation, may can enhance mitochondrial function and ATP production. Application of Low Level Laser increases the production of cellular energy (ATP) in the mitochondria, which in turn can improve the cell’s ability to proliferate, migrate and adhere which is exactly what a fertilised egg needs to do.

Therapeutic Laser could also improve the body’s functionality in the following ways:
• Increases blood flow.
• Reduces inflammation and oxidative damage.
• Softens scar tissue and releases it through the body’s natural waste system.
• Relives pain.
• Relaxes muscle tension.
• Promotes tissue repair.

These factors can be beneficial to the reproductive environment, particularly in the case of softening scar tissue, which can be a contributor to fertility issues.

The optimum age for promoting fertilisation via therapeutic laser is for women in the mature age group of 35-50, because reproductive cells are more likely to lack cellular energy from the ageing process. Men with a low sperm count may also benefit from Photobiomodulation Therapy for Fertility.

LOW LEVEL LASER FOR FERTILITY is recommended during the lead up to a fertilisation, regardless of whether fertilisation is to be achieved via natural or IVF methods. This can help to prepare the body and reproductive organs to create optimum conditions for conception to take place.

The overall general health and age of a patient determines the frequency of treatment, which is normally around 2-3 treatments every 6 weeks.

As eggs take 3-4 months to mature, treatments could positively impact on current and future cycles.

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Contact Details and Fees

A course of 6 treatments at the Laser Medicine Harley Street clinic is £1,280.

Ruth Phypers MA Dip. MCMA
Therapeutic Laser Consultant
M: +44 7973 759334