Hypnofertility & Nutrition Package

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Know that you have done all that is possible …

I am excited to be offering a new joint Nutrition and Hypnotherapy package with 4Well People.

Emily Fawell heads up the practice and is a Fertility Nutritionist, also based in Ealing, West London also offering sessions via Zoom.

Like myself Emily has worked with a high number of women as well as couples suffering with infertility issues. Her goal is to improve your fertility through nutrition and diet.

Getting the right nutrition can help you to achieve a successful pregnancy whether you have had “unexplained” infertility issues, PCOS, low progesterone levels or have suffered with a miscarriage.

Nutritional Support

  • Initial Nutritional Therapy Consultation.

  • 2 x Follow-up sessions to discuss how you have progressed with the recommendations, look at any difficulties you may have experienced, as well as to evaluate any new health concerns. Your nutrition plan will be re-assessed and if necessary new recommendations given.

  • Hair Mineral Analysis test. To give an insight into essential and toxic mineral status.

  • Health Improvement Programme personalised for you.

  • Supplement Plan to help you optimise your vitamin intake aswell as your diet to give you the best chance of conception.

If required she can also recommend other testing in order to access your hormonal balance incase that helps to identify any undiscovered underlying causes of infertility issues. This can help to understand what is driving any health problems you may have. Additional testing would involve additional costs.

Coaching and Hypnosis for Fertility

  •  3 x 1 hour Hypnofertility Sessions. Available Online or in Ealing, West London

  • Receive mp3s to help you relax at all stages of whether you are aiming for natural conception or are going through treatment for IVF.

  • Learn to manage your fertility anxiety, and how to reduce your stress surrounding the process.

  • Take control of your emotions caused by the frustration of not being able to start at family now.

  • Rebuild your self-confidence again so you can eliminate those feelings causing you to think you are “not good enough,” “a failure.”

  • Eliminate any unhealthy behaviours such as smoking, alcohol or food addictions.

  • Overcome your any fears ... needles, hospital procedures, pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth or parenthood.

Total Cost = £549

Get your diet, habits, mindset in the best possible place for you to conceive. Take action now so you don't look back in a years time and think if only I had made some changes.

If you are ready know you have done everything you can possible do to make conception within your reach contact me to find out more.

I look forward to hearing from you

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