Look forward to childbirth in a more confident, positive and relaxed way.

I used hypnobirthing techniques, myself, to help me manage the birth of my own daughter naturally. Knowing how effective they can be, I would love to help you gain confidence and reduce any concerns you may have, so you too can enjoy a positive birthing experience, whatever method you chose, or however it proceeds.

I am a fully qualified Hypnotherapist but also undertook additional specialised training to enable me to offer you “Confident Childbirth” Hypnobirthing classes.

hypnobirthing ealing

What will Hypnobirthing teach me?

This is a flexible approach to Hypnobirthing tailored to you. 

Would you like to  achieve inner calm and control before, during and after the birth of your baby? No matter what type of birth you have, the tools will help if have a vaginal birth, planned or emergency C-section. Even if labour is not straightforward and you find you need some pain relief or require a medical intervention, you will learn how you can still stay in control so you can achieve a happy and positive experience for you and your baby.

Your Hypnobirth sessions will include:

  • Teaching you self-hypnosis to help you stay calm and relax quickly.
  • Visualisation exercises so you can rehearse how you want your birth to be.
  • Practical pain control techniques to help you to manage discomfort with minimum use of drugs.
  • How you can harness the innate skill all women have of giving birth.
  • How to remain positive, in control and in communication.
  • How to reduce any pregnancy anxiety.
  • How to reframe previous negative birthing experiences or stories.

You will also receive hypnobirthing MP3s for you to listen to at home.

hypnobirthing ealing

Hypnobirthing could help you:

  • Feel more relaxed and  calmer.
  • Get a deeper sleep and get you back to sleep if you are disturbed.
  • Research shows labour is likely to be significantly shorter.
  • Have a natural, calm, comfortable birthand be more in control.
  • Have a  reduced likelihood of delivery by forceps, ventouse, or cesarean section.
  • Your baby is likely to have a higher Apgar score.
  • Reduced use of medication will mean fewer side effects for you and your baby.
  • You’re likely to need a shorter hospital stay and have a quicker postnatal recovery.
  • You will have a reduced incidence of post-natal depression.
  • Hypnobirthing babies are often calmer, feed and sleep better.
  • Self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques will aid you with breast-feeding.
  • You will cope more easily with issues of family life as well as sleep more easily.

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When should I start Hypnobirthing sessions?

An excellent time to start the course is at the beginning of the third trimester, or if you prefer you can start earlier so that you can begin to practice the techniques that you will be taught. However, its never too late for any session of hypnobirthing to be of benefit to you. Even one session is likely to be time well spent.

I do not run group classes, I prefer to met all of my hypnobirthing clients on a 1:1 basis. This enables me to respond to your individual needs or concerns.

You can come on your own or with your partner. Some partners come just for the first session, others choose attend all of them, some decide to have a session of their own if they have any fears in connection with the birth.

My aim is help you feel in control and confident, although your partner will play an invaluable role through their calm presence and helping to keep the right atmosphere for you during childbirth, you can pass any techniques and tips onto them after our sessions.

How is Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing different?

Childbirth is a natural process and can be a positive experience if you learn to trust your body. This approach is flexible, tailored to each individual and not just script based. I will take into account how you feel now, guide you towards the birth that you want for you and your baby and respects your wishes.

As a qualified Hypnotherapist I can use both Hypnosis and NLP techniques to work with you, to help you achieve your unique experience and to address any fear or anxiety you may have around the birth.

To maintain the highest possible standards Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing is a Postgraduate course only taught to fully qualified Hypnotherapists trained by The Quest Institute.

Cost of Hypnobirthing in Ealing

*** Benefit from a discount for 3 hypnobirth sessions if booked upfront.****

Would you like to boost your energy and enjoy some pampering and relaxation prior to birth? I also offer Pregnancy Reflexology treatments - if taken at the same time as a Hypnobirth session you will get a discount.

I take cash or personal cheques on the day.  If you prefer you can prepay via bank transfer, or by using a credit or debit card, or paypal on my payment page.


Hypnobirthing – 60 minutes £80
Hypnobirthing Course – 3 x 60 minutes £199
With Reflexology:  
Hypnobirthing & Reflexology – 90 minutes £100
Hypnobirthing & Reflexology – 120 minutes £120


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Clinic: Ealing, West London.

Please contact me today, to find out how Hypnobirthing  could be of benefit to you and your baby.


“I know it made a huge difference. The  techniques I learnt and the wonderfully relaxing MP3 downloads Jo sent me helped me to enter an almost trance-like state.  I felt calm and in control throughout most of the labour. “

“Hypnobirthing played a part in helping me not to need stronger pain relief or any intervention.”

“I was terrified of giving birth but after Jo’s hynobirthing sessions I felt more positive. She taught me numerous ways to help relax me during the labour as well as practical techniques which will help me in every day.”