"I had planned to have at least three hypnobirthing sessions with Jo, but the early arrival of my baby daughter meant I only fitted in one but I can honestly say that I know it made a huge difference. The relaxation techniques I learnt in the one-to-one session followed by the wonderfully relaxing MP3 downloads Jo sent me afterwards helped me to enter an almost trance-like state as labour took hold and I felt calm and in control throughout most of the labour. Even when the contractions came on very strong (due to induction), my mind took me away from focusing on the pain and I am sure this is to do with the hypnobirthing techniques I learned from Jo. Everyone deals with things differently and every labour is unique, but I for one would vouch for Jo’s techniques and would certainly use them again should baby number 2 come along!"


Communications Manager

"I was terrified of giving birth but after going to Jo’s hynobirthing sessions I felt so much more positive. She taught me numerous different ways to help relax me during the labour as well as practical tecnhiques which will help me in everyday life."



"I used a mixture of a tens machine, water & gas & air during labour. I also practised visualisations during labour too. I had a very good birth experience & I think the hypnobirthing played a part in helping me not to need stronger pain relief or any intervention. Thanks for the sessions you gave me, I wasn’t convinced that giving birth wasn’t going to be horrific but my experience & how I coped totally surprised me!"


"I had my lil Man yesterday after 7 hr labour, only had gas and air and pethadine. Wanted to thank you as I really think having just one session took away some of the anxiety and gave me a little more confidence. To be honest between contractions I was away."


"I came to see Jo to help with my Nipple Phobia and to learn some Hypnobirthing techniques to keep me calm during labour. I was really keen to breastfeed my son and Jo helped me realise where this phobia had come from and changed my thought process around it, she also gave me an MP3 written specifically for me which I listened to at home. I had a long labour but Jos hypnobirthing techniques kept me calm initially and I am amazed that I can now exclusively breastfeeding."


HR Officer

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