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Pregnant within 3 weeks of hypnosis

Debbie spent four years trying for a baby, having been told she had ‘unexplained infertility’, before she tried hypnofertility.

She contacted Paul McKenna who first established there was no medical reason why she couldn't conceive.  He said that he didn't claim to cure medical problems. But undertook hypnofertility sessions with women who couldn't have a baby for no obvious reason.

Finding there was often a mental block; which could be fear of the change to lifestyle a baby would bring, the pain of childbirth or a feeling that as a mother the woman would not be able to cope.

He asked her to visualise the whole process. From the egg release, to fertilisation, the foetus growing aswell as holding her baby. After two sessions she was more positive. Within three weeks of the sessions with Paul she was pregnant.

Read the full story -  "Hypnotism gave me the baby I longed for".

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