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Feel more confident, regain your self esteem

hypnosis confidence ealingHypnosis for Confidence aims to help you become the person you truly want to be and helps you to let go of any beliefs that are holding you back.  Increased self confidence will help you make positive change to all aspects of your life, whether it’s at work, with your family or in relationships.

Just imagine if you could live your life feeling confident in who you are and in your abilities. Just think of all the things you could achieve if you had that self-esteem and felt as confident as you imagine other people feel.

Your confidence and self-esteem is directly related to the beliefs that you have about yourself and the world you live in.  Our beliefs help make up our internal map of reality but are often passed down to us from our family, teachers, friends and from sources such as the media.  A lack of confidence may be linked to past messages that significant adults in our lives have given us . . . ‘you’re stupid’ . . . ’you can’t do that’ . . . ’don’t show off.  We can become vulnerable in these areas and they can be carried through to our adult lives leading to rejection in relationships, money worries, weight gain, feeling stuck ’ so still affecting our beliefs in the present.  

We actually learn to lack confidence and as such we can unlearn it as well.

Even the most outwardly confident people at work, may be lacking in confidence in other areas of their life perhaps in their relationships or health and fitness.

Hypnosis for Confidence

Working together, using a variety of Cognitive Hypnotherapy techniques I will aim to help you:

  • Uncover the negative emotions or beliefs that lead to and maintain your current feelings.  Working together to allow you to make the changes necessary to allow you to let go of this issue completely and realise your future aspirations. 
  • Help you prepare and rehearse for a specific event or performance.
  • Regain a feeling that you may have lost touch with.
  • Learn self help techniques that you can use yourself to transform unwanted feelings into something more positive and useful, allowing you to be calm and in control.

People are often surprised at the inner strengths and capabilities they have and just need some help finding them so they can learn how to use them in a new way. My aim will be to help you move forward in your life, feeling more confidence and more in control.

"The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one."
 Elbert Hubbard


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Common areas  I see clients for include:

Presentations and Work Place Meetings

Learn to feel so much calmer and relaxed.  Fear is simply something that you have learned to do. It may even be a recent  experience which has effected you after many  years of confident public speaking.  Read Fear of Public Speaking.

Job Interview Nerves

Learn to be calm and relaxed, eliminate your anxiety and boost your confidence and job interview performance. Don’t let  your chance to get your dream job or that promotion go to waste because of interview nerves.

Exam Nerves

Learn to have the calmness of mind, reduce your performance anxiety and boost your confidence helping you achieve your true potential. A little bit of exam nerves actually helps motivate us and focuses our minds but stress left alone can have a dramatic impact – make sure you maximise your results.

Wedding Speeches

A wedding is a joyous and celebratory event but not for you if you dread the thought of giving a speech speech. Just a few sessions will leave you feeling comfortable, calm, confident and in control.

Cost of Hypnosis for Confidence 

Some clients will notice a profound difference after just a couple of sessions. However it is important we have an initial consultation to assess your situation and to see what areas of your life your lack of confidence is impacting on.

Just as your needs are unique, you will receive tailored sessions that get to the heart of what you want to change.  Therapy is a partnership.  We work will together, using cutting edge techniques to make a profound difference to the way you think, on an unconscious level.  The result will be an enhanced understanding of yourself and your capabilities.  

Hypnotherapy – includes a bespoke, personalised MP3 after the 2nd session £80

I take cash or personal cheques on the day.  If you prefer you can prepay via bank transfer (please request details), or by using a credit or debit card, or paypal on my payment page.

Take control of your confidence today 

If you would like to increase your self esteem and  feel happier about your life please contact me  to discuss what you would like to achieve and to ask any questions you may have and I will recommend a suitable treatment plan for you.

Clinic: Ealing, West London.



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"I am happy to report that I am sleeping much better and have not had a night where I have woken in the middle of the night since our last session. Additionally, I am enjoying my job much more and I feel more confident. This has had a positive impact on my home life and relationship as well."

"I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my lack of self confidence. You showed kindness, compassion and understanding and helped improve my confidence levels very quickly.  I have now achieved things I never thought I would."

"Since our sessions for confidence,  I have been offered the job from the last 2 interviews I’ve had. So fantastic results. I listened to my recording every other day and it’s been really effective for me."