Stop Eating Chocolate

(Last Updated On: September 26, 2020)
stop eating chocolate

Unfortunately we have an over-abundance of choice when it comes to unhealthy foods. It’s just about everywhere. Being sold to you via television adverts and signs, displayed effectively to tempt you in cafes and shops. Even when you’ve done your supermarket shop and resisted they attempt to catch you at the final hurdle.  There is always shelves full of sugary sweets and chocolate just waiting for you at the checkout.

For most people these treats can be easily ignored most of the time.  However maybe for you this produces a terrible struggle in your mind.

Whilst smokers are usually told they have an addictive habit, those who struggle with eating excessive sugar or use food for psychological benefits, or comfort eating, will be viewed with less sympathy.  This basically fuels the cycle and makes the problem worse, resulting in reduced self-worth and higher self-loathing.

Dependence on foods like chocolate, sweets, and biscuits can feel like a real addiction, and often pure self-control just doesn’t work your sugar addiction.

"I haven’t craved any chocolate and sweets, when I am offered them it’s a simple “no thanks I don’t eat chocolate,” it’s an automatic reply needing no thought process from myself."

Why do we comfort eat?

Addictive behaviours are often grounded in the subconscious mind.  Our brains produce psychological coping methods to help us when we face difficult situations. If your brain has decided to use food as your comfort, your mind begins to connect this with whatever your feel after eating it perhaps happiness or stress reduction, leading you to believe you've got to implement this approach each time you feel want to feel that way.

Often the equation of food and happiness starts in childhood. Maybe you were rewarded for good behaviour with some sort of sugar treat, chocolate or sweets.  Perhaps you were given ‘treats’ like biscuits when you needed a snack, or when you were feeling upset.  Or, perhaps your parents were trying to distract you when they felt they needed to say sorry for something themselves.

This practice of making use of food as a treat or as a mood enhancer then becomes deep-rooted.  This means that when you find yourself feeling low, your brain is wired to desire unhealthy foods because it believes that's what makes you feel better again.

“I have not eaten any chocolate since I came to see you, almost 6 weeks ago.  I've also not eaten any cakes.  I am delighted with my progress and would like to say thank you for helping me."

Hypnosis for Chocolate Addiction

chocolate hypnotherapy

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy to work with your subconscious mind, you could give up your sugar addiction, remove the cravings, making it much easier to say no. This could be to eating chocolate, sweets, tarts, biscuits or anything else you choose.

Hypnosis can employ the power of suggestion to create new feelings related to sugar snacks, meaning that you will not feel so tempted when you are offered them. Hypnosis addresses and resolves the fundamental issues by substituting your harmful old thought processes with new beneficial thoughts about eating; freeing you from your unwanted habits.

No longer will you need to work hard at avoiding sweet temptations; bypassing them will become second nature.

You could stop eating chocolate completely. Habits can be dropped. You've probably done it before with an unwanted habit.  Others have done it quickly and easily, and so can you.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to stop eating chocolate, cake or sugar treats please contact me so we can have a discussion about your needs.

I look forward to hearing from you.



“I had come with the wish to not buy and eat M & M sweets on a daily basis without any thought. It had been a bad habit. I have not had any M & M sweets since and only consume other sweets on an irregular basis and have a take it or leave it attitude. Thank you so much. Very interesting and effective experience!”