Do You Suffer With Panic Attacks?

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Do You Suffer With Panic Attacks? Do You Suffer With Panic Attacks?

Suffering From Panic Attacks?

At my Hypnotherapy practice I often see clients who have suffered with reoccurring panic attacks and a resulting shortness of breath.

Panic attacks are very common. When they are first encountered they can be very distressing as symptoms can include chest pains and breathlessness. Anxiety can have countless causes which are not always obvious.

Studies have found that difficult circumstances, or stressful life situations, can increase levels of stress; this may help fuel and cause a panic attacks. Most people report that panic attacks often come out of the blue for no known reason and can lead to consistent worrying.

Living with panic attacks can often causes ongoing worry and anxiety, as you don’t know when or where your next attack will happen. They can thereby reduce your confidence, as well as create further anxious feelings; this may lead to depression due to the ongoing, persistent worrying.

Panic and anxiety attacks  can also effect those closest to you as you stop going out and doing the things you previously enjoyed.  In a lifetime around 10% of  the population will have a panic attack of some degree. For anyone living with high anxiety, they can often have attacks, causing major issues in their life.

Drugs are the main remedy given if medical intervention is sort out but that will just help to temporarily mask the symptoms.

Can Hypnosis For Panic Attacks Help?

Hypnosis for Panic Attacks could help you regain control of your life again. Hypnosis  works with you to help the unconscious mind make changes to your behaviour.  The aim is to reduce the impact of your panic attacks and to help you to remove them entirely.  By training you to respond more appropriately to scenarios that in the past may have caused anxiety and panic, this will help you to rebuild your self confidence; as well as give you back your freedom to enjoy your life.

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be very effective for those who suffer panic attacks. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is even more potent as it will also combine combine CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and NLP helping your mind to think clearly and calmly, alleviating feelings of fear and panic and helping to remove the trigger of the anxiety and fear.

So instead of a future of fear, you could regain the confidence to lead a fulfilling life without restrictions. By altering habits within the subconscious mind, it really is possible to achieve almost anything.

Interested in finding out more or know someone who is suffering? Please contact me or click here to find out more about how Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Panic Attacks could help you regain control of your life.

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Do You Suffer With Panic Attacks? Do You Suffer With Panic Attacks?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a powerful way of changing unwanted behaviour.  It also teaches you a variety of self help tools that you can use at home.