Stage Fright Hypnosis & Adele

stage fright hypnosis

Adele has been undertaking hypnosis for stage fright after suffering from panic attacks. It was reported in the media that the star has been having the treatment in LA in a bid to conquer her anxiety over her upcoming Oscars performance. Apparently she has a history of being extremely nervous and often refuses to play in large venues and stadiums.

Panic attacks can happen to anyone, not just those in the spotlight. Even people assumed to be immune from stage fright can be nervous of being in the public eye at times.

It is estimated that two million people are affected by PANIC ATTACKS AND ANXIETY in the UK. A level of stress can be good for us if managed in the right way, often helping us achieve challenging goals. However, when the scales tip we start to feel overwhelmed and it can then begin to effect your ability to perform whether that's on the stage, at work, or in a social situation.

How can Hypnosis for stage fright help?

Overcoming your stage fright with Hypnotherapy could be equally of help to you as it was to Adele.  Letting you leave behind your fear, headaches, general fatigue, or a general lack of concentration.  When you suffer from ongoing stress and anxiety this can result in sleeping issues, effect your quality personal time as well as your ability to work effectively.

If you can get the balance right between working effectively under pressure and managing stress it can make a massive difference to your life.  Using Hypnotherapy and nlp techniques you can learn to quickly reduce your anxiety, visualise for future performance and banish any limiting beliefs or associations which cause your panic in the first place. Thus allowing you to feel back in control, both now and into the future.

If you are suffering with stage fright and are interested in seeing how COGNITIVE HYPNOTHERAPY please call me for an initial conversation.

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Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a powerful way of changing unwanted behaviour.  It also teaches you a variety of self-help tools to use at home.

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