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Could you benefit from Hypnosis for Weight Loss?

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In the UK the latest figures show that two thirds of adults are obese or overweight (BMI over 25). Being overweight and obese are thought to be responsible for about 80% of cases of type 2 diabetes, 35% of heart disease cases and 55% of high blood pressure cases among adults. Although this problem seems to be growing rapidly there is a solution.

For the majority, losing weight is often about lack of belief in yourself not just about changing behaviour.  When we lack self-esteem we often turn to food or drink to provide short-lived comfort.  But keeping weight off for good requires lifestyle changes, including regular exercise, a sensible approach to healthy eating as well as the right mental attitude.

So if you are looking for a  happy, confident and slimmer new you, read on.


How does Hypnosis for Weight Loss work?

This is a hypnotic and motivational approach to drive you to lose weight.  It will retune your mind improving your self esteem, help you let go of old habits as well as help you to create new behaviours.  This will enable you to gain control over your eating patterns which fit in with your lifestyle for the long term.

It is not just about what to eat as diets only focus on what you eat, not why you eat it, and usually only produce short term results.  Exercising and salads don’t suit everyone and the hypnosis for weight loss programme will adapt, depending on your individual needs.  The aim will be to get you to want smaller portions, feel full quicker, make healthier food choices, and ultimately aim to get you feeling more confident in yourself.

We will also be working together to understand any psychological blocks that affect your thoughts and feelings. You may have negative habitual thoughts that relate to food, exercise, body-image, your ability to cope, motivation or perhaps how you reward yourself.  If these beliefs are keeping you locked in unhealthy eating patterns and causing weight problems you will learn how to meet your emotional needs in new and more appropriate ways.


Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a powerful way of changing unwanted behaviour, and also teaches you a variety of self help tools that you can use at home.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy combines a number of approaches including NLP, hypnosis, CBT and positive psychology.  

This not only helps you to be motivated to make changes to improve your self esteem and eating habits but, helps you through practical action make them long lasting so they become normal behaviours.


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Cost of Hypnosis for Weight Loss Ealing

Your tailored sessions will aim to get to the heart of what you want to change.  Most clients begin to notice a significant change in their habits and feelings towards food after just a couple of sessions.  A package of four weight loss sessions is recommended though so you can keep up your  motivation and feel fully supported towards your goals.

Weight loss Hypnotherapy – 60 minutes
– includes  mp3 recordings
Course of 4 Hypnotherapy/Coaching Sessions
– 4 x 60 minutes

I take cash or personal cheques on the day, or, if you prefer you can prepay via bank transfer (please request details), or by credit or debit card, or paypal on my payment page.

Take control of your weight 

Contact me  today if you are serious about wanting to feel healthier and you would like to take the misery out of weight loss.

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"I would recommend Jo in a flash. Jo creates tailored sessions that are adapted for you with a combination of face-to-face sessions, practical exercises and downloads that you can listen to at home. The treatments have been of great value to me personally, I would encourage you to keep an open mind, as it is a very practical treatment that offers individuals a huge personal benefit"

"I am making positive changes every week, my confidence has improved. I have lost over 9kg in about 6 weeks. I started seeing friends more often. I am the most proud of the fact that I have been to the swimming pool twice this week and I didn’t care what people thought about my appearance. I don’t feel like I’m forcing myself to do things, it all comes naturally to me."