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Hypnosis for Weight Loss has undergone extensive research and been proven to be a natural, safe and effective way to help you lose and maintain your weight.

Researchers have found that those who used hypnosis lost significantly more weight than those who did not and, continued to keep it off.  Here are some of the results from these studies:

Hypnosis Weight Loss 30X More Effective

This study investigated the effects of hypnosis weight loss. Treatment included group weight loss hypnosis with metaphors for ego-strengthening, decision making and motivation, ideomotor exploration in individual hypnosis, and group hypnosis with maintenance suggestions.

Weight loss hypnosis was more effective than a control group.  An average of 17 lbs was lost in the hypnosis group vs. 0.5 lbs in the control group.

Cochrane, Gordon; Friesen, J. (1986). Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

Hypnosis Subjects Lost More Weight

Researchers analysed 18 studies comparing therapies such as relaxation training, guided imagery, self-monitoring, or goal setting with the same therapy supplemented by hypnosis.

The people who also had hypnosis were found to lose more weight than those who didn't.  They also found that these people continued to keep the weight loss when reviewed two years after their treatment ended.

University of Connecticut, Storrs Allison DB, Faith MS. Journal Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1996.

Hypnosis Weight Loss Can More Than Double The Effects

An analysis of five weight loss studies reported in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology in 1996 showed that “…  hypnosis can more than double the effects” of traditional weight loss approaches.

University of Connecticut, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology in 1996.

Weight Loss is Greater if Hypnosis is Used

Research into cognitive-behavioral weight loss treatments established that weight loss is greater where hypnosis weight loss is utilised. It was also established that the benefits of hypnosis increase over time.

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1996.

The research is clear and shows that hypnosis can be very powerful in helping you instigate a real shift in your eating patterns. For more information, please read more information on my WEIGHT LOSS HYPNOSIS PROGRAMME or contact me to find out if this is the right approach for you.

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