Cognitive Hypnotherapy Ealing

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Ealing

Cognitive Hypnotherapy may help with:

anxiety hypnosis ealing london

Anxiety & Stress

Constantly worrying? Stressed about work or your relationships? Suffer from panic attacks?

Weight Loss and Hypnosis

Weight Loss

Tried dieting, lost weight and put it back on? Need motivation to exercise? Can’t stop eating the wrong foods?


Do your beliefs hold you back at work, home and in your relationships?  Fear of public speaking

hypnotherapy for phobias

Fears & Phobias

What do you fear? Spiders, dentists, needles, claustraphobia, the unknown, dogs, vomit?



Suffer sleep disturbances, sleep apnea, snoring, sleep talking, sleep walking, or constant nightmares?


Out of your comfort zone presenting, doing exams, in interviews? Suffer stage fright, or panic before auditions?

Ealing Hypnotherapist


Looking to feel more positive, calm and relaxed about birth? Reduce your fears and anxiety so you feel more in control?

fertility reflexology london ealing


Are you are struggling with fertility issues? Is it affecting your self confidenceand your emotional well-being.

anxiety hypnosis ealing londonAnxiety & Stress

Constantly worrying? Suffer panic attacks? Stressed about work?

hypnosis confidence ealingConfidence

Do you have beliefs which hold you back at work, home and in your relationships?  

fear hypnosis ealingFears & Phobias

Fear of spiders, dentists, needles, claustraphobia, flying, driving?

fertility hypnosis london ealingFertility

Are fertility issues affecting your self confidence and well-being.

insomnia hypnosis ealingInsomnia

Sleep apnea, snoring, sleep talking or walking? Need to relax at night?

weight loss hypnosis ealing london

Weight Loss

Tried diets, lost weight and put it back on? Need to exercise? Can’t stop eating?

This is just a sample of problems that Cognitive Hypnotherapy could help you with.  If I’ve not mentioned your issue, please still  contact me.  If I haven’t got the expertise,  I will probably know someone who has.

How does Cognitive Hypnotherapy work?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy aims to effect change on an unconscious level.  This usually involves the client being in a light trance, similar to when you find yourself day dreaming or on autopilot during the day.  You can not be made to say or do anything that goes against your values.

We are all motivated to move towards things such as people, activities or behaviour, which our unconscious believes will bring it benefit.  On the basis of past experience we avoid things which we believe will bring us harm.  For example, if you find yourself avoiding making a presentation, or hiding from spiders, then it’s probably because your unconscious has decided at some point in the past that these things are a threat.

Beliefs are the generalisations that we make about ourselves, about others and about the world around us. They are our principals for how we operate within it. They are our subjective experience and can be changed and moulded, and negative ones shaped into something more positive and supportive.

If you want to find out more watch this short animation to help you understand how Cognitive Hypnotherapy works.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a powerful way of changing unwanted behaviour. 

You will also learn a variety of self help tools that you can use at home.

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Hypnotherapy – What to Expect

When we work together you will:

  • Work with an experienced, non-judgemental therapist 
  • Receive your own tailored, confidential treatment plan using a variety of safe techniques.  Each person and each presenting problem is unique and will be treated as such.
  • You will receive hypnosis mp3s, including a personalised mp3 usually after the second session.
  • You’ll learn tools, techniques and strategies to use for yourself.
  • Sessions last 60-75 minutes.

How is Cognitive Hypnotherapy different?

Traditional hypnotherapy is often a one size fits-all approach, sometimes just using hypnosis, and heavily dependent on set scripts. However we are all unique and experience life in different ways, our problems will also be unique.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy allows me to utilise Hypnosis, combined with a variety of other techniques which may include NLP, Time Line Reprocessing, Positive Psychology, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I also provide mp3 recordings, for you to listen to at home, to help embed the suggestions and for you to listen to in the future if an unexpected event causes the feelings to resurface.

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Tools we may use

Contact me today

I offer a free initial telephone consultation for you to ask any questions and to see if we can work together.

So, whether you would like to overcome a habit, take control of a difficult area of your life or feel happier, contact me and start to make some positive changes to your life.

Hypnotherapy clinic in Ealing, West London

cognitive hypnotherapy ealingcognitive hypnotherapy

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“Jo made me feel comfortable from the word go. I found it easy to discuss my problem, get to the route of it, and then move on from it quite quickly. In a nutshell, Jo gave me a new way of looking at what I thought was a problem, which now no longer bothers me.   I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking positive change.”

"I can't believe the difference in my sleeping.  Only one sleepless night since I saw you.  I don't even need to use the recordings.  Amazing!  Thank you so much."

"I was a bit apprehensive about whether cognitive hypnotherapy could help with my issue, but Jo really knows her stuff and everything she said made so much sense. Jo is really easy to talk to, which was really important to me. I felt totally comfortable with her, and will definitely be seeing her again next time I need a bit of help."