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Fear of Labour & Longer Labour

Are you one of the 20% of pregnant women who have a fear of childbirth. This article in Science Daily looked at women who had a fear of labour and found they spent longer in childbirth than women who had no such fear. Average labour duration for the women with fear of childbirth was 8 hours when compared to 6.46 hours for the women without fear.

They also found that women with a fear of labour more often deliver by instrumental vaginal delivery (17.0% versus 10.6%), or emergency cesarean delivery (10.9% versus 6.8%), when compared to women without a fear of childbirth.

Research published June 2012 in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

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Myths Around Hypnosis for Labour

This article written by one of the UKs leading Hypnobirthers talks you through what it's really like to use hypnotherapy for labour, and the most common myths about the method.

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Use of Hypnosis During Labour

Using hypnotherapy for labour did not take all that pain away, but it did give this lady a sense of calm and control during a time of heightened vulnerability.

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Could Hypnotherapy Change Your Birth Experience

This article looks at whether using hypnosis to become relaxed and calm instead of fearful and tense could change your birth experience.

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Pain-free Labour with Hypnosis

More women are turning to hypnotherapy for labour to help manage childbirth. This article discusss that women should not feel inadequate if they opt for traditional pain medication as well.

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Is Hypnotherapy Good for Childbirth

Hypnobirthing is becoming increasingly popular among pregnant women.

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Hypnotherapy for Labour in Hospitals

Another hospital offers the chance to learn hypnotherapy labour teaching their patients to use self-hypnosis techniques to help them through labour.

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