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Cognitive Hypnotherapy, is a modern approach, which aims to effect powerful change on an unconscious level in the shortest possible time.

Are you feeling anxious, lacking in confidence, struggling to sleep, or finding your fears overwhelming?

Cogntitive Hypnotherapy helps you to shift your unwanted thoughts & behaviours, to recognise the stories you are telling yourself and the language patterns you are using. Studies suggest that approximately 90% of our behaviour is unconscious.

You will learn to get out of your own way. You can then be empowered with the tools to take back control of your feelings, and acquire new empowering beliefs so you are better equipped to manage challenges in the future.


Watch this short animation to understand what Cognitive Hypnotherapy is all about.

Does Cognitive Hypnotherapy Work?

Anxiety, Confidence, Fears, Fertility, Habits, Insomnia, Weight Loss

This is a just sample of areas in which hypnotherapy could help.

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The Hypnotherapy & Coaching Session

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During the Hypnotherapy sessions, you will feel relaxed but will be able to talk to me throughout. This involves being in a light trance, similar to when you find yourself day dreaming or on autopilot. You won’t do, or say anything that you aren't aware of, or comfortable with. I will not be "doing" hypnotherapy to you - you will remain in control, I will be there as your facilitator and guide.

If you decide to experience Hypnotherapy, you will work with me as your guide in a relaxed, non-judgemental environment, helping you to:

  • Develop true confidence to get back in control of your life.

  • Banish your limited beliefs and unwanted feelings which may be holding you back.

  • Overcome your fears, anxiety and stress.

  • Stop unwanted behaviours or habits.

  • Receive your own tailored, confidential treatment using a variety of safe techniques. Each person and each presenting problem is unique and will be treated as such.

  • Learn tools, techniques and strategies to use for yourself.

  • Receive email and telephone support between sessions, during office hours, if required.

  • Receive relevant hypnosis mp3s to listen to at home.

"Jo creates tailored hypnotherapy sessions that are adapted for you with a combination of face-to-face sessions, practical exercises & downloads to listen to at home. The treatment has been of great value to me."

What Hypnotherapy & Coaching Tools Do You Use?

There are no fixed ways of working, each clients session will be completely different depending on your needs.

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist as well as a Mindset, Life & Confidence Coach, I am trained to use a mix of proven techniques including Coaching, Traditional Hypnosis, NLP, Time Line Reprocessing, Positive Psychology, and CBT.

There will be no swinging watches in sight!

Client Feedback

Based on 46 Reviews

I have attended different types of therapy over the years but this was a first time for cognitive hypnotherapy. Jo is very considerate and caring but is very good at exploring your issues and she is able to offer a range of different treatments that suit you and your style. My treatments were initially for weight loss and insomnia, however Jo was more than happy to explore other issues that came to light. When I first went I wasn’t in a very good place, however her patience and expertise with the topics have been very beneficial to me and I would recommend Jo in a flash for anyone who felt they needed some help. Jo creates tailored sessions that are adapted for you with a combination of face-to-face sessions, practical exercises and downloads that you can listen to at home. The treatment has been of great value to me personally and I am glad that I decided to try this style of therapy. Some people are very sceptical regarding hypnotherapy, however I would encourage you to keep an open mind, as it is a very practical treatment that offers individuals a huge personal benefit…so go on give it a try.


I found a hypnotherapy session with Jo extremely effective. I had a big fear of making mistakes and I could not find the right words when speaking publicly which was causing me a lot of stress and prevented me from contributing at meetings. Sometimes I wanted to raise a concern but refrained from doing so as I knew I will not have the words to explain it properly. I felt I had a blockade. Jo really helped me overcome that. It's such a big relief to be finally able to express myself freely and without these thoughts hijacking my performance. Thank you, Jo!

Why Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy is an Evidence-Based therapy

I was trained by The Quest Institute. We are the only hypnotherapists that have evidence-based research specific to our approach to therapy.

The Mental Health Review Journal published a study, which discovered that Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy was 71% effective for the treatment of anxiety and depression. PUBLISHED RESEARCH.

We believe you and your issues are unique.

Traditional hypnotherapy is often a one size fits-all approach, sometimes just using hypnosis, and is heavily dependent on set scripts. However we all experience life in different ways and our problems are unique.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy & Coaching treats the individual and not just the label given to the problem.  So I will completely tailor the treatment plan for you using a variety of different techniques depending on what is right for you.

mp3 recordings, to listen to at home.

I will give you mp3 hypnosis recordings to listen to at home to further embed the hypnotic suggestions after the session.

"Jo put me at ease from the start. I felt very cared for and given the space to make connections and valuable insights."

Make A Positive Change

Hypnotherapy & Coaching requires honesty and commitment from both parties. You'll have to be willing to explore new perspectives that might not feel comfortable at first.

This is for you if:

  • You wish to make lasting, positive changes in your life.

  • You know your thoughts are stopping you achieving your goals.

  • You're ready to stop dreaming and take action.

  • You want to get clarity about what you want for the rest of your life.

  • You take the time to do any homework, or listen to recordings provided.

I speak to all my clients before we agree to work together to discuss what you want to achieve and how the process will work.

Our Hypnotherapy & Coaching session will then be booked for us to met either Online via Zoom, or face to face in Ealing, West London or Central London. Many clients now prefer Online Hypnotherapy as they have the added comfort of being in their own home, plus no travelling time or costs.

So, whether you would like to feel more confident, overcome your anxiety, banish an annoying habit, take control of a difficult area of your life or just want to feel happier, get in touch so you can start to make some positive changes and start to live the life you want.


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