Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Anxious and Overwhelmed?

Is your anxiety holding you back? Two million people in the UK, are affected with anxiety and/or panic disorders. Stress is cited as the most common work related illness.

Anxiety is a natural response to real or perceived danger. It occurs when your unconscious mind is trying to protect you from what it perceives as a threatening situation, and often when you are worrying about the future.

Everyday stress is good for you because it motivates you to meet your goals at work or at home. However, if it becomes out of control, it can lead to anxiety symptoms such as panic attacks, high blood pressure, worrying, palpitations, a sense of dread, IBS, insomnia, headaches, general exhaustion, or a general loss of focus. Ongoing anxiety could also affect your personal life, lead to insomnia, IBS, comfort eating, as well as your ability to perform well at work.

­Hypnotherapy for Anxiety may help you to get the balance right between working effectively under pressure and managing your stresses. So you begin to feel in a relaxed state and back in control.

Types of Anxiety

Fears and Phobias

Many people have fears. They are often irrational and cause avoidance behaviours in individuals, even though they know their fear is not rooted in reality, phobic individuals can not help but feel that way. Phobias are among the most common afflictions that affect a person's daily life. Common phobias include fear of small spaces, driving, needles. Hypnotherapy Phobias.

Generalized Anxiety Disorders

With Generalized Anxiety disorder, almost any situation might cause someone to feel anxious or worried, they may not remember feeling relaxed for quite some time. As soon as one bout of anxious thoughts is under control, another takes its place so they become caught in a negative thinking trap.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety sufferers are focused on what other people will think of them. Thoughts that they are inadequate or not good enough can be very overwhelming, making these individuals feel like they cannot function normally in social situations. Anxiety-induced worries about others perceptions may lead to disastrous effects on confidence levels, self-esteem and can impact professional success if not managed.

Panic Attacks

Generally, panic attacks are a common issue with anxiety disorder. They can leave you feeling like you have no control and produce genuine physical symptoms such as rapid increases in heartbeat or churning stomach sensations. These unpleasant bodily experiences often cause people to worry about experiencing another attack which sets off the cycle of fear all over again.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

OCD can cause sufferers to miss out on opportunities. In extreme cases, it may even be difficult for people with OCD to maintain a job or relationships because they constantly feel the need to complete certain rituals and routines that could take up their whole day.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is a condition that occurs when someone experiences trauma and then has trouble processing or healing from it. Symptoms of PTSD include re-experiencing the traumatic event, avoiding objects or situations that remind them of their trauma, feelings of aggression towards others or themselves, which disrupts daily activities.


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Does Hypnotherapy Work for Anxiety?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses powerful tools which will help to re-educate your unconscious thought patterns, as well as help you identify practical actions you could take. You might know what has triggered your anxiety perhaps you have suffered a traumatic event, had a period of extreme stress or a challenge at work or home. Using nlp techniques we could reframe these events so they don't carry as much emotion going forward.

What Happens in the Hypnotherapy Session?

  • You will learn some self help methods to quickly reduce your stress or anxiety so you feel calmer and more confident.

  • Identify and resolve any underlying beliefs which may be contributing to your anxiety.

  • Improve your self-confidence and self-esteem which will also help to desensitise your anxiety.

  • Visualise success as your brain doesn't know the difference between real and imaginary situations.

  • Relax. You will receive hypnosis mp3s to use in a safe, relaxed environment, to help embed the changes you want to make.

  • Begin to understand what happens physiologically and emotionally during anxiety and stress so you can manage it more successfully.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Reviews

Based on 46 Reviews

I decided to have a hypnotherapy session with Jo as I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for some time and the other methods I tried didn't work for me. I must say that this was without a doubt the best course of action I made so far and the best investment for my mental health. Since then I already feel more confident and calmer, and my thoughts towards anxiety changed completely and I'm approaching life with a much better and clear mind. I cannot recommend Jo enough. She is amazing at what she does.


I booked a session with Jo because my claustrophobia was getting worse and giving me a 'knot' of anxiety in my stomach that I struggled with on a daily basis. After my initial session with her, I felt so much better and that knot disappeared. On a motorbike trip, the next week I had a panic attack on the motorway - something that had never happened before. I used the techniques that Jo taught me and was able to manage my anxiety and get through the journey. In preparation for my return journey on the motorbike, I had another session with Jo specifically focusing on my journey home. It was superb. I was able to truly enjoy the 5 hour journey with no hint of anxiety and i'm excited about future travels on the bike. Highly recommend.

Hypnosis for Anxiety Articles

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"I have not had a night where I have woken in the middle of the night since our last session. Additionally, I am enjoying my job more and feel more confident."

Take Control of Your Anxiety

What you would be doing if anxiety was no longer in your life?

You and your needs are unique, and will be tailored to you so they get to the heart of your beliefs and behaviours allowing you to change as soon as possible. Most clients notice a profound difference after a couple of sessions, although some decide to continue with coaching so they can continue their personal development.

I offer a free initial telephone consultation for you to ask any questions about the process and you can get to know me.

Take action today, and begin to imagine what it would be like to let go of your anxiety disorder, so you can enjoy your life again and do all the things you would love to do but are unable to at the moment.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety in London and Online.

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