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Freedom from Anxiety

Do you often feel anxious and overwhelmed?

Does anxiety hold you back from what you could achieve?

Do you feel afraid that no one understands you?

Are you one of the two million people in the UK, affected with anxiety and/or panic disorders? Stress is cited as the most common work related illness.

Anxiety, stress and panic attacks usually occur when your unconscious mind is trying to protect you from what it perceives as a threatening situation, and often when you are worrying about the future.

Some stress is good for you, it’s what helps to drive you to achieve your goals. However if you don’t take control, this could lead to you suffering anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, high blood pressure,  worrying, palpitations, sense of fear, IBS, insomnia, headaches, general fatigue, or a general lack of concentration. Ongoing anxiety could also affect your sleep, personal life as well as your ability to perform well at work.

Hypnosis for Anxiety could help you to get the balance right between working effectively under pressure and managing stress. So you begin to feel calm, relaxed and in control.

Is it time to free yourself from your fears and anxiety so you can live a more confident and happier life?

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses powerful tools which will help to re-educate your unconscious thought patterns, as well as helps you identify practical actions you could take.

You will:

  • Learn some self help methods to quickly reduce your stress or anxiety so you stay in control, calm and confident.

  • Identify and resolve any underlying beliefs which could be contributing to your anxiety.

  • Begin to understand what happens physiologically and emotionally during anxiety and stress so you can manage it more successfully.

  • Improve your self-confidence and self-esteem which will also help to desensitise your anxiety.

  • Receive hypnosis mp3s to use in a safe, relaxed environment, to help embed the changes you want to make.

Hypnosis for Anxiety Articles

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Or have a look at some hypnotherapy reviews from my previous clients to see what you could achieve with Hypnotherapy for Anxiety.

I liked the techniques Jo suggested & enjoyed the mp3 recordings which I used to enhance and deepen the impact of the sessions.

Take control of your anxiety

What else could you imagine doing if anxiety was no longer in your life?

You and your needs are unique, so your Hypnosis for Anxiety sessions, will be tailored to you so they get to the heart of your beliefs and behaviours allowing you to change asap. Most clients notice a profound difference after a couple of sessions, although some decide to continue with life coaching to improve other areas of their life.

I offer a free initial telephone consultation for you to ask any questions about the process and you can get to know me. Hypnotherapy for Anxiety sessions are then offered Online or in Ealing, West London & London W1.

Take action today, and begin to imagine what it would be like to let go of you anxieties, so you can enjoy your life again and do all the things you would love to do but are unable to at the moment.

I  have not had a night where I have woken in the middle of the night since our last session. Additionally, I am enjoying my job more and feel more confident.