Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Feel Self Confident, Regain Your Self Esteem

How is a lack of self confidence or the feeling of "not good enough" showing up in your life?

Hypnosis for Confidence helps you let go of any thoughts and behaviours that may be stopping you living the life you want. A boost to your self confidence could inspire you make the changes to your life you've been holding back on at work, home or in your relationships.

What beliefs do you have about your self confidence?  Your thoughts about yourself become your reality tunnel and can often be handed down to us from our family, well meaning teachers, friends as well as the media.  Messages such as "you’re stupid",  "you're a failure", "don’t show off" can be taken on board and still remain in our thoughts even when we are adults. Therefore we learn to lack  confidence and in reverse we can learn a new more healthy message instead.

You perhaps don't realise that even people you think are confident people, are often suffering a lack of self confidence in areas of their life perhaps in job interviews, public speaking, or performance.

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Hypnotherapy Confidence Sessions

Create the best version of yourself

Using a variety of Cognitive Hypnotherapy techniques to remove your barriers you will:

  • Uncover the negative thoughts and beliefs that are causing your current feelings.

  • Learn self help techniques to help you reduce anxiety and learn how to access a confident state when you need it.

  • Prepare and rehearse for a specific events or a performance if required.

  • Feel confident and believe in yourself so you don't get knocked down by judgement or failure.

  • Build your future with new aspirations.

You maybe surprised at the inner confidence and capability that you actually do have.

"Since our sessions for confidence, I have been offered the job from the last two interviews I’ve had, so fantastic results. I listened to my recording every other day and it’s been really effective for me."

Client Feedback

Jo Simons - Hypnotherapy & Coaching
Based on 47 Google Reviews

Jo was incredible and put me at ease straight away. The session was very interesting and enjoyable, and I came away with some extremely helpful tools. Can't thank Jo enough!


I had never tried hypnotherapy before, but Jo put me at ease and I can say that the sessions and the personal recording has helped me tremendously. Thanks Jo!


"I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my lack of self confidence. I felt you showed kindness, compassion and understanding and helped improve my confidence levels very quickly. I have now achieved things I never thought I would. Thanks to your knowledge and professional approach I now understand the link between the past and what's been happening in my life." L.S - Nurse

What Can Confidence Hypnosis Help?

Boost your self confidence and change your personal and professional life for the better

  • public speaking confidence

    Presentations & Work Meetings

    Are you able to share your opinion and feel real confidence. Don't miss that next promotion because you feel insecure and anxious at work.

  • job-interview-hypnosis

    Job Interview Confidence

    Feel empowered and self confident so you can get that dream job. Improve your job interview performance. 

  • confidence relationship

    Social Life & Relationships

    Are you scared of rejection, or finding it difficult to meet people. Start socialising and transform your life.

  • exam nerves hypnotherapy

    Exam Nerves

    Reduce your performance anxiety and make sure you have the right mindset to maximise your results.

  • wedding speech hypnosis

    Wedding Speeches

    Enjoy your wedding celebration.  Feel self confident and look forward to  giving your speech with ease and confidence!

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Boost Your Confidence Programme

3 x 60 minute personalised one-to-one Hypnotherapy for Confidence Sessions.

Available Online via Zoom or in Ealing, West London.

Boost Your Confidence Programme is £255

Mindset & Confidence Breakthrough Programme

1 x 90 minute plus 5 x 60 minute personalised one-to-one sessions.

Available Online via Zoom or in Ealing, West London.


Mindset & Confidence Breakthrough Programme is £499



  • Mp3 audio hypnosis files to support you. You can easily download them to listen to as often as you would like allowing you to spend time relaxing whilst visualising what you want to achieve, helping you feel calm and positive about your future.

  • Email support between sessions. If you need some clarification or would like to run something by me. I’m here for you by email I can’t always respond immediately, but will do my best to give you the support you need.

Individual Sessions

If you would prefer to pay by session the cost is:

Online via Zoom or in Ealing, West London : £135 (90 minutes), £90 (60 minutes)

Central London: £185 (90 minutes), £150 (60 minutes).

Increase Your Confidence

Increase your self confidence, boost self esteem, feel happier about your life

Your needs are unique, so you will receive personalised tailored sessions to get right to the heart of what you want to change. Generally clients will notice a real difference after just a couple of sessions, although many like to investigate other areas of their lives too and decide to continue with coaching sessions.

Are you ready to have an initial consultation to assess your situation and to see what areas of your life your lack of confidence is impacting on?

I offer Confidence Hypnotherapy sessions Online as well as in Ealing, West London and London W1.

"I now feel more in control at work and a lot less stressed. I cannot recommend Jo enough, she has made going to work almost a pleasure!"

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