Hypnotherapy for Habits

Free Yourself From Your Habits

Are your habits taking up a lot of time and energy? Are you hiding your habits from your friends, your partner or at work?

Do you often get a feeling of shame, anxiety and feel out of control and resolve not to do it again? Have you tried all sorts of things to stop but not been able to?

What Habit Do You Want To Stop?

Often when we feel stressed, anxious, or lack self confidence we reach for comfort and the repetitive nature of this can lead to habits.

Habits like grinding your teeth, biting your nails, picking your skin, pulling your hair, or sucking your thumb can become so ingrained as your go to reaction that they become an automatic, unconscious response.

Or perhaps you have unhealthy habits such as reaching for sugar when you are feeling down, numbing yourself with alcohol after a busy day or smoking to get rid of stress. If not treated things like smoking or alcohol can turn into an addiction.

Often you don't even realise you are doing these habits until afterwards when you wish you hadn't.

What Can Hypnotherapy Help?

These aren't the only habits that Hypnotherapy could help. If I have not included something you are interested in let me know as I might still be able to help.

  • Teeth Grinding or Clamping (Bruxism)
  • Hair Pulling (Trichotillomania)
  • Skin Picking (Dermatillomania)
  • Nail Biting (Onychophagia)
  • Thumb Sucking
  • Lip Biting
  • Cheek Biting
  • Nose Picking
  • Eating Hair or Skin
  • Eating food such as chocolate, sweets, crisps

Please note that I dont work with smoking or alcohol addiction as they often require specialist help to manage withdrawal symptoms.

"Understanding why and where this habit stemmed from has helped my enormously. Within a short period of time I was in control and able to move away from negative patterns which were making me unhappy."

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How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

Hypnotherapy for Habits could help you change your old unwanted behaviour with a new positive habit or behaviour instead. Using a variety of Cognitive Hypnotherapy techniques we will work together to change your behaviour so you no longer partake in the habits which have been holding you back.

  • Learn tools to use to enable you to quickly lower levels of anxiety or stress which might be contributing to your habit, as well as find new ways to relax and unwind.

  • Change your beliefs such as “I am addicted”, “I do it to relax”, “I want to fit in”, “Its too difficult to quit”.

    If you have a habit like smoking or eating sugar it's often your belief that you are addicted, or your belief that it will be too hard to stop which is keeping the habit in place. This sometimes may be the case if you are a long term user but often these beliefs are just your brains way of giving you an excuse to maintain the habit so it can keep the dopamine fix it receives from continuing the behaviour.

  • Manage any emotions, such as unhappiness or boredom, which could be encouraging your habit, as well as emotional triggers such as stress release or relaxation.

  • Learn how to manage your environmental trigger points such as relaxing in front of the TV, after dinner, in the pub, at work and learn to control any cravings. Whatever your habit we will visualise and rehearse a different response to your stimuli which will be different for every person.

    If you have an unhealthy habit your unconscious mind has often wrongly associated the habit with delivering you comfort or something good. You then begin to associate your habit with good times and relief in bad times, and your mind now thinks that  body focused repetitive behaviours or things such as, alcohol or nicotine can relieve feelings like fear, anxiety and stress. In reality the habit actually leads you to feel anxious and on edge much of the time. 

  • You will also receive appropriate mp3s to listen to at home, to help you break the pattern of your habit.

Will Hypnotherapy Help Everyone?

I can't just wave a magic wand and your habit will disappear. If any kind of therapy was “guaranteed” how much effort would you put in? Your commitment and determination is needed. If you are prepared to take the responsibility and put in effort, then using the techniques you will learn will give you a fantastic chance to give up your habit for good.

We may also need to deal with any underlying issues such as anxiety or self esteem otherwise you may stop your habit  briefly, then start again within a couple of months, even a few days. Clients are often surprised at the positive effects in other areas of their lives as a result of resolving some of their beliefs and emotions that are maintaining their habits.

Client Feedback

Based on 46 Reviews

I've bitten my nails for years due to habits forming in childhood. In one session Jo helped me realise the consequence of my actions and apart from one particularly stressful situation I haven't gone back to biting since. So happy to have nails that can now be manicured!

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Banish your Unwanted Habits

Your needs are unique and you will receive tailored sessions that get to the heart of what you want to change. Therapy is a partnership and using cutting edge techniques we will make a difference to the way you think, not just focusing on your habit but on any others of your life you could benefit from changing.

Many people find that the confidence they gain from conquering an undesired habit quickly spreads to other areas of their lives.

Lets have a conversation today to discuss what you would like to let go of and to discuss if Hypnotherapy for Habits is the right approach for you.

I hold Hypnotherapy sessions Online as well as in Ealing, West London and London W1.

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