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Hypnotherapy for Habits

Using a variety of Cognitive Hypnotherapy techniques we will work together to:

  • Help you learn some tools to use yourself to enable you to quickly lower levels of anxiety or stress which maybe contributing to your habit. Find new ways to relax and unwind.

  • Change any underlying beliefs or emotions, such as unhappiness or boredom, which could be encouraging your habit, as well as working to increase your levels of self esteem.

  • You will recieve appropriate mp3s to listen to at home, to help you break the pattern of your habit.

Jo gave me a new way of looking at what I thought was a problem, which now no longer bothers me. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking positive change.

hypnosis for habits in ealing

Banish your Unwanted Habits Today

Many people find that the confidence they gain from conquering an undesired habit quickly spreads to other areas of their lives.

Lets have a conversation today to discuss what you would like to let go of and to discuss if Hypnotherapy for Habits is the right apporach for you.

I hold Hypnotherapy sessions Online and Practice in Ealing, West London and London W1.

Client Feedback

I saw Jo for nail biting which I had been doing since childhood. I did notice changes after our first session.

My nails are now growing, and I’ve no interest in them at all, which is great. First time in my life I don’t look at them all the time and look for imperfections and that is making the difference too!

Jo is very welcoming, responsive and helpful. In terms of my help it was for sugar addiction and breaking this unhealthy long-term habit plus understanding where this pattern of behaviour stemmed from.

Based on Jo’s technique it allowed us to go into my subconscious and identify the source in a comfortable and supportive environment. Understanding why and where this habit stemmed from has helped me enormously and with the follow up it has helped control my sugar addiction and within a short period of time I was in more control and moving away from negative patterns which was making me unhappy.

In terms of feedback I would highly recommend Jo.

Jo is an approachable and caring Cognitive Hypnotherapist who you can rely on to always have your best interests at heart.

She has a thorough knowledge and understanding of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP and I highly recommend her if you are seeking to make changes in your life.