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Hypnosis for Menopause

Hypnotherapy to manage the Menopause naturally

"I empower my clients with the tools and mindset, to enable them to feel less anxious, more confident and back in control."

Whether you are in your mid forties or older, you are  likely to be either peri-menopausal or menopausal. Hypnosis for the Menopause aims to help you manage specific symptoms, your emotions, as well as your physical well being.  Helping you to feel empowered and more balanced to deal with your changing body during this natural process.

As well as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I am also a Hot Women Cool Solutions Practitioner, specifically trained to use a variety of effective techniques to aid with your menopause symptoms. There have been many studies which have looked at the mind-body connection and how your thought processes can produce significant changes in physical experiences within the body.

I will help you battle your physical and emotional menopause symptoms, which can last anywhere from two to ten years. Every woman’s experience is unique but with hypnotherapy you could quickly stop feeling powerless and out of control.

menopause hypnotherapy in ealing
  • Learn some self help techniques to enable you to quickly reduce the symptoms of hot flushes allowing you to feel calmer, in control and cooler!
  • Identify and resolve any underlying emotions or beliefs which may be affecting your self confidence or image.
  • Reduce any anxiety or stress which may be effecting your relationships and general mood.
  • Help you make any needed lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking, reducing alcohol, sugar or caffeine as these can have a significant impact on your hormonal levels and night sweats.  If needed we can also look at any needed weight loss and the motivation to take regular exercise which can also help.
  • Help you battle any sleep disturance so you wake up refreshed.
  • Develop a positive attitude and make choices which can ensure that this becomes a positive phase in your life.

In my 50's, I have found these tools invaluable in helping me to feel more in control of my hot flushes and hormonal changes.

Jo is an excellent therapist, very thorough in her aim to identify and meet the needs of her clients. Her sessions and techniques were very useful and extremely helpful with my particular situation and her relaxation scripts beneficial for use at home and after individual sessions.

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Research revealed a decrease in hot flushes by women experiencing the menopause when they used hypnosis. Over a course of five weeks, women’s experience of hot flushes had decreased by about 70%.

Take control of the menopause

Some clients will start to notice a difference in how they can control their symptoms after just a couple of sessions.

However, you may find you would benefit from some additional coaching to enable you to reduce any associated anxiety and to increase your self esteem as you enter this new period in your life.

Call me for your initial free, no obligation consultation, and start to take back some control of your life.

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