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mindset coach

35 Ways to Find The Happier You

Replace your thoughts and behaviours with new habits and ways of thinking and find the calm, confident and happier YOU!

sleep tips

Tips To Get a Good Night's Sleep

Struggling to get to sleep or stay asleep?  Make sure you are following these basis sleep hygiene tips.

Relax Hypnosis mp3s

hypnosis mp3
mp3 hypnotherapy

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I have helped many clients regain their health, well being and happiness. I am offering these hypnosis mp3s  FREE to allow you to experience the joy of relaxing with Hypnosis.

As you might know the mind is very powerful but it can also be our worst enemy! We all experience stress at some point in our lives and this can lead to anxiety, depression or worse ill-health.

These hypnosis mp3s are designed to help you relax so that your mind has the space to allow your body to work on improving your health & general well-being.

Whether you're just want to ease your anxiety, are struggling with fertility issues or anxious about pregnancy these recordings will help you to enjoy life more fully.