I am CNHC Registered and a NCH Hypnotherapist this only allows me to provide testimonials if I can provide proof they are genuine, and that the client has given permission for them to be on the website. Names aren't given to respect confidentiality.

anxiety hypnotherapy ealing


Jo is an excellent therapist, very thorough in her aim to identify and meet the needs of her clients. Her sessions and techniques were very useful and extremely helpful within my particular situation and her relaxation scripts beneficial for use at home and after individual sessions.

I would recommend Jo highly to friends and colleagues as her sessions certainly met my individual needs.

I decided to have a hypnotherapy session with Jo as I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for some time and the other methods I tried didn't work for me.

I must say that this was without a doubt the best course of action I made so far and the best investment for my mental health. Since then I already feel more confident and calmer, and my thoughts towards anxiety changed completely and I'm approaching life with a much better and clear mind. I cannot recommend Jo enough.

She is amazing at what she does.

I feel in different space to when I contacted Jo. More grounded and balanced. The presenting anxiety is much more manageable. I feel that the treatment was successful.

I liked some of the techniques Jo suggested to use when anxiety hits. I very much enjoyed the hypnotherapy and NLP session and found this to be effective. I was surprised at what came to mind at times and how deep the process went. I also enjoyed the MP3 recordings which I used to  enhance and deepen the impact of the sessions in the weeks that followed."

When I came to see Jo I was in quite a bad way and unable to find a way through my severe anxiety. While everything wasn’t immediately fixed, she gave me enough building blocks to manage the panic attacks and anxiety so I could start to manage my life a little more than I had been able to the previous 3 months. 

I found a safe space within Jo’s sessions where I didn’t feel judged and could be very honest. Because of that I found it easier to settle into the sessions and really work hard to manage my anxiety.

Jo made me feel comfortable from the word go. I found it easy to discuss my problem, get to the route of it, and then move on from it quite quickly. In a nutshell, Jo gave me a new way of looking at what I thought was a problem, which now no longer bothers me. 

I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking positive change.

Jo is a highly skilled therapist and she put me at ease right from the start. By using gentle questioning she was able to support me in thinking about a difficult subject. 

I felt very cared for and that Jo gave me the space to make connections and gain some valuable insights.

I first discovered Jo a few years ago while going through a very stressful time in my life when I was feeling anxious and had difficulty sleeping.

I attended a hypnotherapy course which really helped me to feel calm and sleep better. I still see Jo on a regular basis for reflexology which I love, I find it soothing and always leave feeling calm and refreshed.

I would highly recommend Jo she's amazing!

hypnotherapy confidence


Jo took the time to listen carefully to what I said and gently encouraged exploration during my coaching session.

This supportive approach helped me uncover issues that were holding me back in my career, and allowed me to make a plan moving forward.

Since the session, I have felt much more comfortable executing the various stages of the plan we came up with, and I feel confident about the progress I am making. Coaching with Jo has been a valuable experience.

Since our sessions for confidence, I have been offered the job from the last 2 interviews I’ve had.

So fantastic results. I listened to my recording every other day and I think it’s been really effective for me.

I found a hypnotherapy session with Jo extremely effective. I had a big fear of making mistakes and I could not find the right words when speaking publicly which was causing me a lot of stress and prevented me from contributing at meetings.

Sometimes I wanted to raise a concern but refrained from doing so as I knew I will not have the words to explain it properly. I felt I had a blockade.

Jo really helped me overcome that. It's such a big relief to be finally able to express myself freely and without these thoughts hijacking my performance. Thank you, Jo!

I went to see Jo to receive Hypnotherapy for issues around confidence with skiing, as we were about to go on a family skiing holiday and in previous years I found that as the week went on, my confidence diminished and my skiing deteriorated.

After an initial telephone consultation, and then a face to face session, Jo created a mp3 for me to listen to daily in the weeks leading up to the holiday. I have to say that it had a huge impact. I was much more confident in my ability and enjoyed the whole holiday, and was skiing competently throughout. I even managed two black runs!

I was a bit apprehensive about whether cognitive hypnotherapy could help with my issue, but Jo really knows her stuff and everything she said made so much sense.

Jo is really easy to talk to, which was really important to me. I felt totally comfortable with her, and will definitely be seeing her again next time I need a bit of help.

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my lack of self confidence. I felt you showed kindness, compassion and understanding and helped improve my confidence levels very quickly.

I have now achieved things I never thought I would. Thanks to your knowledge and professional approach I now understand the link between the past and what’s been happening in my life.

Jo was incredible and put me at ease straight away. The session was very interesting and enjoyable, and I came away with some extremely helpful tools.

Can't thank Jo enough!


Fears & Phobias

Jo was great at helping me establish coping mechanisms to get over my fear of needles.

The session was at the start of lockdown so over Zoom but really helped even without being face to face. Super tangible techniques to help you cope with the fear.

I have had a fear of water most of my life because of a drowning accident that befell a close relative of mine over 30 years ago.

3 years ago I decided to take swimming lessons to address the fear, I learned to swim but I was never fully relaxed in the water. I would have to stop to calm the panic in my chest after 3 lengths of the pool, my technique was fine, and I'm reasonably fit. I had a session with Jo 2 weeks ago to address my fear of water.

The difference was noticeable from the first trip to the pool after the session. For the first time I felt completely relaxed which allowed me to slow my stroke down considerably which resulted in my not getting exhausted as quickly. Tonight, just 2 weeks on, I completed 20 lengths without taking a rest, this is something I have never ever achieved. For me hypnotherapy was a complete unknown but Jo made me feel at ease immediately and I knew I was in safe hands.

I found the session very relaxing and every day I look forward to listening to the MP3 files she provided. I cannot recommend Jo highly enough, I had reached a point in my swimming that I thought I was just going to have to accept I would never be able to "do it properly" but now that's all changed. Thank you so much Jo.

Thank you so much for the session Jo, it really helped me prepare for my flight and enjoy my holiday.

I listened to the mp3 on the way to the airport and felt really good on the plane. On the way back I didn’t listen to anything but throughout the flight I felt in control.

Highly recommend- thanks again!

I booked a session with Jo because my claustrophobia was getting worse and giving me a 'knot' of anxiety in my stomach that I struggled with on a daily basis.

After my initial session with her, I felt so much better and that knot disappeared. On a motorbike trip, the next week I had a panic attack on the motorway - something that had never happened before. I used the techniques that Jo taught me and was able to manage my anxiety and get through the journey.

In preparation for my return journey on the motorbike, I had another session with Jo specifically focusing on my journey home. It was superb. I was able to truly enjoy the 5 hour journey with no hint of anxiety and I'm excited about future travels on the bike. Highly recommend.

I recently had a session with Jo via zoom to address my anxiety about going to the dentist. I thought that if hypnobirthing techniques work for childbirth, then they'll surely help me cope with the dentist's drill.

The techniques Jo shared along with listening to her MP3s really made a BIG difference to my mental state. Her calm, soothing and pragmatic voice really helped to alleviate my stress. While I doubt I'll ever be a fan of going to the dentist, at least now I don't fear it!

So glad I went to see Jo. Have had a phobia of bees and wasps for years. Her technique in person and recording that I’ve listened too since, have been very effective.

I feel so much calmer and have managed to deal with bee situations without freaking out! I’m feeling really hopeful that I’ve got this under control now.

Would highly recommend Jo!

I cannot emphasise enough how much you have helped me get back on track with my fear of being in the car as a passenger and driver.

You are so approachable and caring always keeping in touch to see how things are going and I personally always felt special in your company despite the fact that you are seeing many clients on a daily basis.

I would have no hesitation recommending you highly.

I went to Jo for driving anxiety and I found the experience and advice so helpful. I definitely have a different perspective and feel more confident.

Since our session I feel way more relaxed about vomiting. I haven' t had that horrible feeling since.

I just wanted to let you know I went to Spain for a week, I was so happy and although I didn’t see any lizards I wasn’t scared.

Thank you for working a miracle even though I haven’t seen a rat or lizard I am calm and totally not scared. Again thanks looks like you have given me freedom again.

I thought you'd appreciate that my  my driving instructor said to me that today that was he best driving I have ever done and that I seem like a entirely different person in the car today

fertility Hypnotherapy


I booked in with Jo when I was struggling with anxiety and uncertainty leading up to fertility treatment.

I felt that Jo really understood how I was feeling and my situation. The sessions were incredibly helpful and the recordings Jo sent me to listen to outside of the sessions, as well as the exercises she taught me during the sessions, were invaluable in helping to find a more calm headspace before and during IVF.

Many of them have been useful even after successful treatment and I go back and listen to them often.

I have carried some personal beliefs and negative feelings from the past with me since childhood which I felt might have a negative effect on my IVF treatment.

Jo has helped me to change my beliefs and think more positively and to feel more positive about my IVF journey and the future.

Following each of our sessions Jo has sent me a personalised MP3 recording of the hypnosis part of the session. I have found this particularly beneficial as I have been able to listen to the session again at a time convenient to me and this enables me to reinforce things in between sessions.

In general it has helped me with relaxation and to move forwards on what has been a long and emotional journey for me.

Very good hypnotherapist for fertility, understands and listens, sends really good listening material.

Highly recommend Jo. She helped me unlock blocks in my subconscious and now I am pregnant!

Jo helped me tremendously during my journey through infertility, and equipped me with the tools to increase feelings of calm and relaxation and remove limiting beliefs that may be hindering conception.

It has been 13 months since my first session with Jo - and I am now 16 weeks pregnant. Thanks, Jo for all your support!

When I met Jo we had been trying for a baby for 14 months. I was initial looking at her support for relaxation as I wasn’t sleeping very well and was quite stressed. 

Through reflexology and hypnosis, Jo helped me relax in a new way. She gave me a relaxation and fertility imaginary MP3 to listen to. This changed my sleep pattern very quickly and I began to feel more relaxed.

Then amazingly after a couple of sessions I found I was pregnant naturally, my husband was amazed and was certain that my pregnancy had everything to do with Jo’s treatment. The only thing I had done different was her sessions.

Having not tried hypnotherapy before I used it for for anxiety to support my fertility issues.

I was very much reassured by Jo’s calm and professional approach which put me at ease straight away.

I very much enjoyed the treatment and I would highly recommend Jo.

Jo was absolutely fantastic at helping me!

I really cannot recommend her work enough. From initial consultation to the hypnotherapy and then the aftercare mp3's. I feel so much better. Thanks Jo!

I went to Jo for hypnosis for fertility and stress relief at work. After my initial session I felt much calmer and relaxed. I now feel much more in control at work and feel a lot less stressed.

I cannot recommend Jo enough, she has made going to work almost a pleasure!

habit hypnotherapy ealing


I've bitten my nails for years due to habits forming in childhood. In one session Jo helped me realise the consequence of my actions and apart from one particularly stressful situation I haven't gone back to biting since.

So happy to have nails that can now be manicured!

I saw Jo for nail biting which I had been doing since childhood. I did notice changes after our first session.

My nails are now growing, and I’ve no interest in them at all, which is great. First time in my life I don’t look at them all the time and look for imperfections and that is making the difference too!

Jo is very welcoming, responsive and helpful. In terms of my help it was for sugar addiction and breaking this unhealthy long-term habit plus understanding where this pattern of behaviour stemmed from.

Based on Jo’s technique it allowed us to go into my subconscious and identify the source in a comfortable and supportive environment. Understanding why and where this habit stemmed from has helped me enormously and with the follow up it has helped control my sugar addiction and within a short period of time I was in more control and moving away from negative patterns which was making me unhappy.

In terms of feedback I would highly recommend Jo.

Jo helped me to break a smoking habit which I had had for thirty years. Within a couple of sessions she explored the background which gave rise to it in the first place and helped me to understand why I continued with it. With her support it was then easier to break the habit.

The download which she sent me to listen to at home, which was tailored to my particular issues, was really helpful and encouraging.

I would certainly recommend Jo – she helped me to achieve a real breakthrough

Jo is an approachable and caring Cognitive Hypnotherapist who you can rely on to always have your best interests at heart.

She has a thorough knowledge and understanding of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP and I highly recommend her if you are seeking to make changes in your life.

Since undertaking hypnotherapy with Jo, I haven’t even considered smoking.

I feel confident and positive about not needing cigarettes anymore. Jo really took time to understand my personality and the reasons for which I smoke, so she could tailor the session for me. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed so the whole thing seemed really easy.

Although I haven’t needed it its great to know I have a recording of the hypnosis to listen to again. Thank you so much Jo!

hypnosis london


I am happy to report that I am sleeping much better and have not had a night where I have woken in the middle of the night since our last session.

Additionally, I am enjoying my job much more and I feel more confident. This has had a positive impact on my home life and relationship as well.

Jo, just wanted to give you feedback. I have twice used the Sleep MP3. Each time, my jaw dropped open and once the recording had finished I was asleep within 10 minutes. I listen to it only when the fear of not sleeping worms its way into my thoughts, and it is remarkable the way it works. Thank you so much.

I can’t believe the difference in my sleeping! Only one sleepless night since I saw you and that was because I was worried about the cat.

I don’t even need to use the tapes. Amazing! Thank you so much.

I first discovered Jo a few years ago while going through a very stressful time in my life when I was feeling anxious and had difficulty sleeping.

I attended a hypnotherapy course which really helped me to feel calm and sleep better. I still see Jo on a regular basis for reflexology which I love, I find it soothing and always leave feeling calm and refreshed.

I would highly recommend Jo she's amazing!

hypnotherapy in ealing

Weight Loss

Jo was very friendly and easy to chat with. She put me at ease and listened to what my issues were. For me it was the fact I eat (or did eat) snacks and chocolate continually between meals. 1 hour with Jo and a few listens to the audio she sent me and it’s history.

Jo also emails for progress reports which are a good confidence boost to provide. 3 weeks down the line I am 8.5 pounds lighter and haven’t craved any chocolate and sweets, when I am offered them it’s a simple “no thanks I don’t eat chocolate,” it’s an automatic reply needing no thought process from myself. I Highly recommend Jo.

Thanks for your help and support in helping me achieve my goal.

I can’t believe it! I no longer crave the sugar and it feels amazing, so happy. I was a bit sceptical at first but really does work.

I did have a slight wobble but I soon got back on track which wasn’t too difficult. I even did a cake sale and did not once think I wanted one when usually I would of had at least a few. Feel like a new person so thank you very much!

I am making positive changes every week, my confidence has improved. Losing over 9kg in about 6 weeks, which is a lot more than I expected - I bake and I started seeing friends more often.

I am the most proud of the fact that I have been to the swimming pool twice this week (first time in 2 years!) and I didn’t care what people thought about my appearance.

It doesn't feel like I’m forcing myself to do things, it all comes naturally to me.

I contacted Jo as I wanted to stop eating chocolate, sweets and crisps and kick start a healthy eating plan. I had one hypnotherapy session via zoom and Jo sent me a recording to listen to every day for 3 weeks.

From that one session I have not eaten chocolate, sweets or crisps and have barely desired them. I have lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks and it's been easy as I haven't had to rely on will power!

I feel so much better for stopping eating the crap and have been exercising and enjoying the way I look and feel. I still listen to the recordings most nights as they are relaxing and I always drift off to sleep. Jo puts you at ease and I can't recommend her enough! Thank you Jo

I am finding changes in my thought processes. It’s slightly weird but satisfying and relaxing. I’m not having an internal fight over food selection, just naturally choosing better options.

Someone offered me a slice of birthday cake at work, which I declined as I had no real urge or desire for it. It’s refreshing.

Although I’ve had the odd packet of crisps with my lunch time sandwich at work…I haven’t bought any and haven’t thought of buying them at other times. I have looked at them in the supermarket and then it’s passed. I’m not so anxious either, which is a relief.

It now two months since I saw Jo and I have noticed that my tastes have changed, which I wasn’t expecting. I now enjoy eating vegetables again, and don’t crave huge bowls of pasta. When I do have carb-based meals, I have at least half the quantity that I used to, and feel full on smaller amounts.

This has helped me lose the weight that I struggled to shift without feeling like I am missing out or struggling. Whether this is because my food patterns have changed, or because I have extra motivation this time, I don’t know. However, I am sure the hypnotherapy sessions helped with both of these factors.

So in conclusion, I would say that my goals were exceeded, so thank you.

I have not eaten any chocolate since I came to see you, almost 6 weeks ago. I have also not eaten any cakes. My blood sugars have dropped a lot and so I have cut down on my insulin.

I am delighted with my own progress and I would like to say thank you to you for helping me. I am still listening to one of my tapes every night, and I will continue to do so for as long as I can.

I had come with the wish to not buy and eat M & M sweets on a daily basis without any thought. It had been a bad habit. I have not had any M & M sweets since and only consume other sweets on an irregular basis and have a take it or leave it attitude. Thank you so much.

A very interesting and effective experience!

The 6 pack of chocolate is still in the cupboard along with an Easter egg. Normally this would have been demolished but I haven’t even been tempted, exercise been ramped up, smug is not the word!! Long may it continue.

Unbelievable! I don’t even think about it! Thank you..

“I have only eaten a tiny amount of chocolate over the past four weeks, so it is a big success. I noticed that I crave vegetables in the supermarket and already lost some weight."

I've so far lost 3kg in a sensible way, without skipping meals or feeling like I'm starving myself! I've got back in control of portion control without the 'compulsion' to eat more, I'm eating more slowly and getting more in tune with my body so I'm eating when I'm hungry. I haven't once felt the need to binge on greasy, stodgy foods - in fact the idea of stuffing my face with greasy takeaway chips really doesn't appeal in the slightest. I'm not denying myself anything.

I'm still eating out with friends but I seem to be back in control and haven't been self-sabotaging. Really hoping these are long term mindset changes, and things do feel different from when I've lost weight in the past and 'rewarded myself' on weekends.”

I’ve had a substantial reduction in processed sugar, like over 95%. Since our session I’ve only bought pudding once.

I’m allowing myself more fruit and dessert/cake if I’m eating out or if it’s a special occasion. I continue to nibble after a meal but reducing sugar is a huge step forward.

Today is 4 weeks since I last ate chocolate. It's come my way but it's just not something I do. For example, Sunday I was out for lunch with my family and after the meal they presented chocolates with the bill but I resisted. I’m now on week four of my diet, and I haven't fallen off the wagon because of a chocolate blow out.