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Weight Loss Hypnosis

Could You Benefit From Weight Loss Hypnosis?

Weight Loss Hypnosis could be the solution you are looking for. Losing weight is not all about the food you eat, but also about your thoughts, lack of belief in yourself, emotions, and daily habits.  When you lack self-esteem you often turn to food or drink to provide short-lived comfort.

Keeping weight off for good usually requires lifestyle changes too.  This might include you taking up regular exercise, a sensible approach to healthy eating, as well as the right mental attitude. Diets only focus on what you eat, not why you eat it, and usually only produce short term results.

This is a supportive, motivational approach to weight loss but you will still have to take accountability for your actions - I can't  just wave a majic wand and do it all for you!

"Understanding why and where this habit stemmed from has helped me enormously and with the follow up it has helped control my sugar addiction within a short period of time."

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How Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Work?

Weight loss hypnosis aims to re-tune your mind,  improve your self esteem, let go of old habits and create new behaviours. The aim will be to get you to want smaller portions, feel full quicker, make healthier food choices, and to feel more confident in yourself. 

Weight Loss Hypnosis trys to understand any psychological blocks that affect your thoughts and feelings. You may have negative habitual thoughts that relate to food, exercise, body-image, your ability to cope, motivation or how you reward yourself.  If these beliefs are keeping you locked in unhealthy eating patterns and causing weight problems, you will learn how to meet your emotional needs in more appropriate ways. Enabling you to gain control over your eating patterns which fit in with your lifestyle for the long term.

Exercising and salads don’t suit everyone and the hypnosis for weight loss programme will adapt, depending on your individual needs.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Cognitive Hypnotherapy allows me to combine a number of approaches including NLP, hypnosis, CBT and positive psychology within our sessions. The aim is to motivate you to make changes, to improve your self esteem and eating habits and, through practical action turn them into long lasting normal behaviours.

Working together, I will aim to help you:

  • Learn some methods to help you quickly reduce your cravings, control your eating habits and improve your food choices.

  • Resolve any underlying beliefs or emotions which may be contributing to your self esteem or relationship to food.

  • Motivate you to do more exercise, and keep going towards realistic goals.

  • I will give you hypnosis mp3s it will be important for you to listen to these to reinforce the sessions and drive you towards your goals.

Client Feedback

Jo was very friendly and easy to chat with. She put me at ease and listened to what my issues were. For me it was the fact I eat (or did eat) snacks and chocolate continually between meals. 1 hour with Jo and a few listens to the audio she sent me and it’s history.

Jo also emails for progress reports which are a good confidence boost to provide. 3 weeks down the line I am 8.5 pounds lighter and haven’t craved any chocolate and sweets, when I am offered them it’s a simple “no thanks I don’t eat chocolate,” it’s an automatic reply needing no thought process from myself. I Highly recommend Jo.

Thanks for your help and support in helping me achieve my goal.

I am making positive changes every week, my confidence has improved. Losing over 9kg in about 6 weeks, which is a lot more than I expected - I bake and I started seeing friends more often.

I am the most proud of the fact that I have been to the swimming pool twice this week (first time in 2 years!) and I didn’t care what people thought about my appearance.

It doesn't feel like I’m forcing myself to do things, it all comes naturally to me.

I am finding changes in my thought processes. It’s slightly weird but satisfying and relaxing. I’m not having an internal fight over food selection, just naturally choosing better options.

Someone offered me a slice of birthday cake at work, which I declined as I had no real urge or desire for it. It’s refreshing.

Although I’ve had the odd packet of crisps with my lunch time sandwich at work…I haven’t bought any and haven’t thought of buying them at other times. I have looked at them in the supermarket and then it’s passed. I’m not so anxious either, which is a relief.

It now two months since I saw Jo and I have noticed that my tastes have changed, which I wasn’t expecting. I now enjoy eating vegetables again, and don’t crave huge bowls of pasta. When I do have carb-based meals, I have at least half the quantity that I used to, and feel full on smaller amounts.

This has helped me lose the weight that I struggled to shift without feeling like I am missing out or struggling. Whether this is because my food patterns have changed, or because I have extra motivation this time, I don’t know. However, I am sure the hypnotherapy sessions helped with both of these factors.

So in conclusion, I would say that my goals were exceeded, so thank you.

I have not eaten any chocolate since I came to see you, almost 6 weeks ago. I have also not eaten any cakes. My blood sugars have dropped a lot and so I have cut down on my insulin.

I am delighted with my own progress and I would like to say thank you to you for helping me. I am still listening to one of my tapes every night, and I will continue to do so for as long as I can.

I had come with the wish to not buy and eat M & M sweets on a daily basis without any thought. It had been a bad habit. I have not had any M & M sweets since and only consume other sweets on an irregular basis and have a take it or leave it attitude. Thank you so much.

A very interesting and effective experience!

The 6 pack of chocolate is still in the cupboard along with an Easter egg. Normally this would have been demolished but I haven’t even been tempted, exercise been ramped up, smug is not the word!! Long may it continue.

Unbelievable! I don’t even think about it! Thank you..

I've so far lost 3kg in a sensible way, without skipping meals or feeling like I'm starving myself! I've got back in control of portion control without the 'compulsion' to eat more, I'm eating more slowly and getting more in tune with my body so I'm eating when I'm hungry. I haven't once felt the need to binge on greasy, stodgy foods - in fact the idea of stuffing my face with greasy takeaway chips really doesn't appeal in the slightest. I'm not denying myself anything.

I'm still eating out with friends but I seem to be back in control and haven't been self-sabotaging. Really hoping these are long term mindset changes, and things do feel different from when I've lost weight in the past and 'rewarded myself' on weekends.”

“I have only eaten a tiny amount of chocolate over the past four weeks, so it is a big success. I noticed that I crave vegetables in the supermarket and already lost some weight.”

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Take Control of Your Weight

If you are serious about wanting to feel healthier and take the misery out of weight loss my tailored Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss sessions will aim to change your beliefs and behaviours helping you make real lasting changes so you feel fitter, healthier and happier about your life.

Make a positive change to your life and health today.

Sessions are available Online or in Ealing, West London and Mayfair, London.

"I am finding changes in my thought processes. It’s slightly weird but satisfying and relaxing. I’m not having an internal fight over food selection, just naturally choosing better options."

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