Infertility – Is Stress the cause?

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Feeling out of control? Juggling fertility treatments? Timing sex? Monthly disappointment?

These are just some of the things which may be affecting your stress levels on your fertility journey. Stress changes to the body's biochemistry and rhythms and can upset the body's natural balance over time. Many of us are unaware of feeling stressed and anxious and they can easily escalate when faced with infertility challenges.

Research has also suggested that stress can sometimes contribute to infertility.

Scientists found if you have a high level of stress hormones, you may no longer regularly ovulate and therefore it is unlikely you will conceive. Findings also concluded that simple 'talking therapies' can help you to reverse the effect of stress, therefore potentially boosting your chances of becoming pregnant.

This study which was undertaken with women, who were normal weight, in their twenties and thirties but had not had a period for six months.  They found these women had high levels of  cortisol, a hormone linked to stress.

Some of the women undertook CBT,  cognitive behavioural therapy, and the rest were given no treatment. The purpose was to give participants a better sense of perspective and improved self-worth to help them cut their stress levels.  After five months 80 per cent of those women who had been given CBT therapy were ovulating again. This compared with 25 per cent in the control group.

The conclusion of this study was that there are many women who could benefit from stress reduction in order to aid infertility.
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If you feel that you could benefit from addressing some of the stresses, with either Hypnofertility or Reflexology for Fertility, that may be affecting your physical or emotional well-being on your infertility journey then contact me for an initial conversation.

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