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I was asked by a networking group I attend to run the meeting on Goal Setting.  It was January and a good time for us all to set new challenges and move forward in our businesses.

We looked at our goals using a PACER exercise which is a NLP tool.  NLP is very big on positive language, with the assertion that the human mind is unable to process the word 'not' at an unconscious level. Ever been told not to do something and then had that compulsion to do it?   If your outcome is set in the negative "I am NOT going smoke", the mind will make the association "I AM going to smoke."

When setting a goal or target it should be something that you will work positively toward. "Stop smoking" or "losing weight" set up a negative association where you may get more success if you focus on the positive benefits you might get out of changing your behaviour.  "I want to be a non-smoker", "I want to be healthier", "I want to have more money"

So ask the question of yourself "What do I want instead?" and create a goal or outcome that you can work towards.

In summary it looks at:

Positive - What do you want? (Positive and in the present tense)

Achievement - How would you know that you had it? (your outcome)

Context - When do you want it?

Ecology - The study of consequences of achieving your goal (positive by-products)

Resources - Can you initiate and maintain this outcome? What do you need to do to get your outcome?

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Then really visualise what you want and how you’ll feel. Use positive words and affirmations when thinking about your goal.  If your goal was to ‘relax more’, the more you visualise yourself relaxing and switching off and how that actually feels, the more you might be drawn to the right relaxation techniques for you.  As you’re walking home you might see a yoga class has opened up near you, or receive an email for a free meditation download. Suddenly opportunities open up to you because you’re receptive and ready. If you put pressure on yourself then you’re likely to feel tense and will inevitably end in failure.

Anyway one of the attendees  applied the questionnaire to one of his business goals and found the process really helpful. He blogged about his experience - Hypnotherapy who would have thought it."    In which he said "The hour or so we spent going through our goal-setting and the 10 minute relaxation part at the end really enlightened me on hypnotherapy and, possibly, how effective it could be on the issues I see every day from my personal training clients."

If you think you could benefit from some direction in setting either a personal or business goal that has been troubling you for awhile then please give me a call to discuss how NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques could help you move forward.

I look forward to hearing from you

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