Pregnancy Reflexology in Ealing

Pregnancy Reflexology in Ealing


Pregnancy Reflexology -  Rebalance  & Relax 

During my pregnancy I received both reflexology and hypnobirthing sessions.  The relaxation and positive visualisation techniques helped me to connect with my daughter and have the natural childbirth experience I had wanted.

Having seen the power of these treatments, I have undertaken additional training in this area and now have over eight years experience supporting pregnant ladies on their own life changing journey.  This had been a privilege and exciting part of my work helping women achieve as comfortable a pregnancy as possible.

What is Pregnancy Reflexology

Pregnancy is a wonderful time to experience reflexology and many midwives will recommend it to you as part of your maternity programme.   It is safe, natural and  relaxing and may boost your energy as well as help you keep your body as healthy as possible.  Reflexology can also be used to help encourage labour if you are over your due date.



Treatments may also help you manage the following common pregnancy symptoms:

  • Oedema (fluid retention)
  • Back Pain
  • Heartburn
  • Digestive disorders
  • Morning sickness
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue

Elle MacPherson, Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow all followed and endorsed a maternity care program of which the main focus was reflexology.

Reflexology is not a medical treatment and reflexologists cannot diagnose medical conditions. Although reflexology complements conventional medical treatments, it should not be used as a replacement for medical advice. If you are concerned about your health please visit your GP.

"I have seen Jo throughout both my pregnancies and her reflexology skills are simply amazing. Jo had a natural ability to make me feel at ease, I found after each session I was more relaxed and at peace. I am sure this treatment was one of the things that helped me deliver both my healthy children in a relaxed and focused manner."


Pregnancy Reflexology may reduce your labour time

Research suggests that regular reflexology during pregnancy can help to shorten labour time and reduce the need for medical intervention.

Women who received regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy were more likely to have a shorter labour, require less pain relief and give birth closer to their expected due date. The average first stage of labour was 5 hours (compared to textbook figures of 16 to 24 hours). Read the research.

"I found the course of reflexology extremely beneficial both physically and mentally and it even got rid of the dreaded puffy ankles! It can be no coincidence that I had a drug free natural birth, almost bang on my due date."


Reflexology can be used to encourage labour in a post term pregnancy.  If you are overdue and anxious about being induced, consider a session or two of reflexology as many women find they go into labour naturally afterwards.

Specific acupressure points will be stimulated with the intention of creating a state of deep relaxation and a boost of energy to encourage the onset of labour contractions. Many women who are post-term respond well; it does involve more intense pressure being applied to the feet than normal so you may not find it as relaxing as a normal treatment.

A midwife team undertook a study into 100 overdue women who were offered a free reflexology treatment on their feet. The results of the study showed that overall, the length of the first stage of labour was four hours shorter and the second stage of labour (once the woman starts to push) was 21 minutes shorter, than of those women who had not received the reflexology treatment.

“Jo gave me an intense treatment just before my due date. I went into labour after and it was a swift and uncomplicated birth. I’m sure reflexology helped me achieve my natural birth.”

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Still need convincing then have a look at some testimonials from clients I have worked with.

Interested in Hypnobirthing?

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I am trained in Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing which helps you learn techniques to have the most calm, confident and relaxed birth experience possible for you.

It’s never too late to start so please speak to me if you want to find out more. I offer a discounted rate if reflexology and hypnobirthing treatments are undertaken together.

Hypnosis during pregnancy

Or if you are feeling anxious about the birth, breastfeeding, or you are suffering from pregnancy anxiety, we can work together to resolve your fears on both a practical and emotional level.

Research has shown that hypnosis can also be more effective than ECV at turning breech babies.

When shouldn’t you have a treatment?

If you have a history of pre term labour, have a low-lying placenta, are at risk of pre-eclampsia developing, have a DVT (deep vein thrombosis),  polyhdramnios, oligohydramnios, vaginal bleeding, or placental abruption. Reflexology should also not be given if you have a fever, an infectious disease, suffer from DVT, or have varicose veins around your feet.  Please let me know about any other medical condition during our consultation so I can adapt your treatment if necessary.

The treatment will be on a reclining lafuma chair. This will not be suitable if you suffer from hypertension, or dizziness when reclining.

Cost of Pregnancy Reflexology Ealing

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Pregnancy Reflexology – 55 minutes £55
Course of 6 x Reflexology treatments, paid upfront £299
Hypnobirthing – 60 minutes £80
Reflexology & Hypnobirthing – 90 minutes £100
Reflexology & Hypnobirthing – 120 minutes £120

I take cash, bank transfer or personal cheques.  Alternatively, you can pay using a credit or debit card via paypal on my payment page.

Gift Vouchers - I offer gift vouchers which can be posted out to you, or the recipient, or be picked up by hand. Gift vouchers can be redeemed for up to a year.

If you want to find out more visit my general reflexology page. Or Contact Me to book an pregnancy reflexology appointment and start to improve your emotional health and well-being today.

Reflexology Clinic: Ealing, West London.

pregnancy reflexology

“Treatments with Jo were always a treat. They were always so relaxing, and I always felt uplifted and refreshed afterwards. They also helped with difficulty in sleeping, swollen ankles, stress & back pain.”

"I was filled with anxiety during my second pregnancy. Regular treatments helped transport me to a calm state of mind. Jo also helped ease my insomnia, blocked sinuses and muscle soreness. She is a skilled and sensitive practitioner, who understood what I was going through."

“Reflexology was extremely beneficial both physically and mentally, it even got rid of my puffy ankles!  Jo’s advice was spot on and I had a drug free natural birth, almost on my due date.”