Overcome Public Speaking Fear

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Public Speaking Fear

Stop feeling nervous before public speaking

So you’ve been told that you have to do a pitch as part of your upcoming business meeting. You ordinarily feel quite anxious about this sort of thing, but you keep convincing yourself that it’ll be OK.

However, as the meeting approaches, you start to wish you’d never agreed to do it. The idea of presenting your ideas to your team brings you out in a sweat and makes your heart thump.

Is this a familiar scene? You are in good company. Anywhere up to 1 in 10 British adults battle against social anxiety attacks; that implies; approximately 6.3 million individuals in the UK alone know just how you feel.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a powerful way of overcoming your fear of public speaking. Learn techniques to feel confident and in control.

Can Public Speaking Hypnosis Help

Get Confident in Front of an Audience

Presentation nerves can often stem back to early memories of humiliation or embarrassment from childhood. Even though we don’t recall them, these incidents are stored in the subconscious; they then form the conscious beliefs we've got about ourselves. For example ‘I can’t speak in front of a crowd because I’ll say something stupid’.

By directing you into a state of deep relaxation, we can create new, beneficial suggestions about your ability to handle social occasions. We can also work together to give you some tools which will help you feel more confident with public speaking.  We will also work to free you of any negative self-beliefs.  In most case you will see a knock on effect as you begin to notice improvements in other areas of your life.

After a couple sessions, most clients notice a significant difference in how they respond to social settings and situations.

Public Speaking Hypnosis

  • Helps you to feel absolutely in control, composed and assured when giving a speech.

  • Gets you involved in conventions, networking, and cold calls without any nervousness and dread.

  • Helps you to feel comfortable with being the centre of attention.

  • Helps you to not only feel less tense about presenting and public speaking, but even too have fun when doing it!

Whatever you are looking to do, you can loose your fear of public speaking and gain the ability to feel more confident. Whether that's running a business meeting, delivering a wedding speech or toast, or performing fun. Public Speaking Hypnosis could make a real difference.

Please contact me today to find out more.

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I found a hypnotherapy session with Jo extremely effective. I had a big fear of making mistakes and I could not find the right words when speaking publicly which was causing me a lot of stress and prevented me from contributing at meetings. Sometimes I wanted to raise a concern but refrained from doing so as I knew I will not have the words to explain it properly. I felt I had a blockade. Jo really helped me overcome that. It's such a big relief to be finally able to express myself freely and without these thoughts hijacking my performance. Thank you, Jo!

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