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Fertility Reflexology

Fertility Reflexology for IVF & Natural Cycles

reflexology fertility

Reflexology for Fertility is an area of specialism for me. I have supported many clients  on their conception journey and have experience working with clients with unexplained infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, and recurrent miscarriage. Some clients use it to support and many go on to achieve natural conception. Other clients have reflexology to complement medical treatments including egg donation, IUI and IVF/ICSI, aswell as clomid stimulation.

I struggled with unexplained infertility myself.  My infertility journey led to me undertaking assisted conception programmes, including IUI and IVF. Now a mother, I can draw on my unique experience to help you through the ups and downs of your fertility journey.

I have been seeing women for fertility issues for over 9 years and as well as my Level 3 Reflexology Diploma, I have a Diploma in Pre-Conception and Pregnancy Reflexology and am a Baby Quest Practitioner.

“Jo helped me relax in a new way, I changed my sleep pattern very quickly and began to feel more relaxed. Then amazingly after a couple of sessions I found I was pregnant naturally."

What is Fertility Reflexology?

Fertility Reflexology is a calm, relaxing holistic therapy.  It may help to ease any emotional or physical stress surrounding your fertility. Fertility reflexology can not claim to cure fertility issues. However conception is a complex matter of health and well-being and needs a number of things for both the mother and father to be ready and balanced in order to be successful.

Regular treatments may help you relax, de-stress, reduce your anxiety, aid sleep and get yourself in optimum condition for conceiving.  It is essential to balance the bodies hormones and shift cycle irregularities, often caused by stress, to create the right conditions to encourage ovulation and conception.

Fertility Reflexology may also help you feel less stressed about procedures such as IVF and ICSI.

A  study found that stressed women produced 20% less eggs during a cycle than women who were not experiencing symptoms of stress.

(University of California, 2005).

A study found women with higher levels of adrenaline had a 12% reduction in their chances of conceiving.

(Oxford University, 2011).

Anxiety can become all encompassing and this may also affect your ability to conceive. The longer the situation carries on, the more desperate the person becomes, the greater the stress and the inability to conceive can then be triggered. Reflexology may help quieten the mind and improve your sense of well-being.

An increasing number of women believe that fertility reflexology has helped them conceive. Many Gynaecologists and IVF clinics are now supporting using it alongside fertility treatments.

Fertility Reflexology is not a medical treatment and reflexologists cannot diagnose medical conditions. Although reflexology complements conventional medical treatments, it should not be used as a replacement for medical advice. If you are concerned about your health please visit your GP.

Reflexology for IVF

reflexology fertility

Many clients use fertility reflexology as a chance to re-balance whilst undertaking assisted cycles. The treatment will be adapted to work alongside your IVF drug protocol, frozen embryo or donor cycle. If you are not convinced then speak to your clinic first.

Treating as close to and straight after egg collection is beneficial. However, after injecting the final release drug, 36 hours before collection, I suggest you wait for any further sessions until your eggs have been collected.

Reflexology is suitable at all stages of a monthly cycle and during early pregnancy. Although after embryo transfer, if you are not already having regular reflexology sessions, you may prefer to postpone starting treatments until you are 12+ weeks pregnant.

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“I used fertility reflexology & hypnosis. I was reassured by Jo’s calm & professional approach, & was at ease straight away."

Hypnotherapy for Fertility

The role of the mind and your emotions in fertility is a vital one which is often overlooked in traditional fertility treatments. I am also a Baby Quest Practitioner which has given me specialist skills in Coaching & Hypnosis for Fertility.

NLP and Hypnosis techniques aim to help you reduce your anxiety and stress, so you feel more positive and help you get rid of any limited beliefs.

Need more convincing please read Hypnosis and Fertility Research.

Cost of Reflexology for fertility in Ealing

reflexology in ealing

Reflexology, 55 minutes - £60

Course of 6 treatments, £299

With Hypnofertility:

Fertility Reflexology & Hypnofertility – 90 mins - £105

Fertility Reflexology & Hypnofertility - 120 mins - £125

If you want to know more visit my general reflexology page. Or  contact me to book an appointment and start to improve your emotional health and well-being today.

Reflexology Clinic: Ealing, West London.

“Treatments were always so relaxing, I felt uplifted and refreshed afterwards."

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