Reflexology Testimonials

As a MAR Reflexologist I can only display genuine reviews which clients have given permission for me to display on my website.

Well-being Reflexology

"I consulted Jo for a chronic digestive problem and have been pleased with the results. No quickly identified the blockage in my colon which is due for investigation next week.

Her treatment is soothing and relaxing and I always feel very well and alert afterwards. I am confident reflexology has helped my condition and has the added bonus of enhancing my well being. Jo’s treatment room is quite with a very comfy treatment chair and soothing music. Take your troubles to Jo. She will ease them."

Marie, Coach

"I have been seeing Jo for reflexology treatment for over 3 years now. Back then I was in constant debilitating pain that medical professionals couldn’t even identify.

After a few sessions with Jo I was pain free and my quality of life improved significantly. I see Jo for treatment whenever I can to keep the pain at bay and for my general well being. Jo is gentle, understanding and very skilled, delivering first class treatment every time. She has changed my life. I recommend her most highly."

Aishah, Teacher

"Jo has helped me to recover from a bad bout of pneumonia.

After her sessions I felt more energised. Jo is professional, thorough and a true pleasure to be treated by."

Joanna, Graphic Designer

"I had been run down and feeling unwell for three months with a low grade sinus problem. From the first appointment I felt a lot better and had the best night’s sleep I had had for months. I see Jo on a regular basis as I find the treatments very beneficial and relaxing. I would not hesitate to recommend Jo to anyone."

Maggy, PA

"I am very impressed with the decreased headaches, I had over three headaches per week. After seeing Jo, they have reduced to one. Jo was competent in finding the areas that needed work and in her diagnosis and treatment of problem areas."

Alan, Chiropractor

"It’s been a stressful few months which have probably been more manageable with the help of treatments which have helped me to sleep better afterwards. Jo had lots of good ideas to aid relaxation including taking more baths with lavender oil, using Bach Flower Remedies and listening to relaxing music. I appreciate the effort and research."

Sue, NHS Worker

"I have one leg longer than the other which has lead to hip problems and pain. Through reflexology I have had a lot less pain, to the extent I cancelled a hip replacement operation that I was due to have. I have now been going to Jo for over a year and manage to control my pain through reflexology. For me she has been fantastic and I would highly recommend anyone to experience reflexology through Jo."

Ann, Service Sector Manager

"I have been having reflexology with Jo for over 2 years now and find that having regular sessions has helped with both my physical and mental well being. Jo works in lovely, relaxing room which means that, apart from the health benefits, I get to completely relax myself for an hour. This is as important to me as the health benefits I get from Jo’s treatments."

Roy, Fitness Instructor and Gym Manager

"Jo offers a great antidote to the stresses of everyday life. The treatment always has a noticeable healing effect. Calmness restored, the feeling of deep relaxation and well-being lasts much longer than the session itself."

Caroline, Secondary School Teacher

"I cannot stress enough how effective reflexology has been on improving my lower backache and stress levels. It was painful and stiff every day. Now after seeing Jo, I hardly have any pain. I am also more relaxed, less stressed and more in tune with my body."

Julia, Solicitor

"I used reflexology as I wanted relief from shoulder and neck pain. I enjoyed the treatments and found them very relaxing and left with a feeling of well-being. Jo was a calming influence, had a professional attitude and was caring and dedicated."

Lea, TV Producer

"My asthma and stress levels greatly improved as well as my well-being. Jo has been very calm and reassuring. I have every confidence in her ability. She gives an air of self assurance in her subject, and her quiet and confident manner has helped me to relax."

Ann, Housewife

"After each session Jo has made me feel more relaxed than what I thought was possible. Thanks to these session I feel better able to manage my stress and anxieties."

Rupa, Therapist

Pregnancy Reflexology

"Just wanted to let you know the induction reflexology worked. I went into labour that night after the reflexology and had a natural birth. So much quicker than last time and your tape came in handy for relaxing me in the early stages."

Katrina, Operations Manager

"I was filled with anxiety during my second pregnancy. Regular treatments helped transport me to a calm state of mind. Jo also helped ease my insomnia, blocked sinuses and muscle soreness. She is a skilled and sensitive practitioner, who understood what I was going through."

Stephanie, Lawyer

"I found the course of reflexology I had extremely beneficial both physically and mentally and it even got rid of the dreaded puffy ankles! Jo’s advice on when to space out the sessions and what to focus on when was spot on and it can be no coincidence that I had a drug free natural birth, almost bang on my due date."

Rachael, TV Producer

“Treatments with Jo were always a treat. They were always so relaxing, and I always felt uplifted and refreshed afterwards. They also helped with difficulty in sleeping, swollen ankles, stress and back pain."


"I can’t recommend Jo highly enough. I came across Jo in the last trimester of my pregnancy and her reflexology skills worked wonders on me. Jo is super friendly, always very professional and makes all the effort to try and accommodate your requirements."

Charlotte, Media Planner

"I started reflexology with Jo to help me with fluid retention and SPD pain during pregnancy. The sessions with Jo were really beneficial and extremely relaxing. I would definitely recommend them."

Rachael, Insurance Manager

"I saw Jo once every week and found her to be kind, considerate and always professional. The treatments helped me to relax and enjoy my pregnancy and I very much looked forward to seeing Jo every week. Swelling and water retention is a common problem for pregnant women and I suffered this myself during my first pregnancy, however, this time around I was amazed to find I had no problem with swelling and carried on wearing my rings and regular footwear right up to the end – I believe this was as a result of the regular treatments. I would definitely recommend reflexology in pregnancy. Even though I am no longer pregnant, I have just started weekly treatments again because I missed it so much."

Fiona, Media Specialist

"I was experiencing at the time. I found them extremely relaxing. I was concerned to not go too overdue as the hospital was threatening to induce me. Jo gave me a particularly intense treatment very shortly before my due date. Happily I went into labour 48 hours after the treatment. It was a swift (2.5 hours) and uncomplicated birth. I’m sure the reflexology sessions helped me achieve the swift natural birth that I hoped for. Jo is very professional and great at putting you at ease and I highly recommend her reflexology treatments during pregnancy."

Sophie, TV Production Manager

"The Reflexology worked amazingly. I got a contraction in the session when you were doing to pressure points, but then they kept on going straight after the session ended when we were in the car until I gave birth the next day!"


"I have seen Jo throughout both my pregnancies over the past 3 years and her reflexology skills are simply amazing. Jo had a natural ability to make me feel at ease and explained her treatment throughout. I found after each session (particularly during my 3rd trimester) I was more relaxed and at peace. I am sure this treatment was one of the things that helped me deliver both my healthy children in a relaxed and focused manner."

Bal, HR Manager

"Don’t leave your reflexology session with Jo until you’re 39 weeks pregnant! I had a winter cold/ sinus problem that I could not shake and being 34 pregnant was unable to take antibiotics to get rid of it – so gave reflexology a go. As well as enjoying the treatment and finding it really relaxing, the icing on the cake was that overnight night I slept really, really well with little or no sinus problems. I would definitely recommend it and Jo!"


"Being pregnant during a pandemic was extremely stressful however each session with Jo left me feeling relaxed and in a calmer state of mind.. I really believe that regular reflexology during pregnancy helped with my overall welling and ensured a smoother pregnancy. I also always felt safe visiting Jo and knew she was taking all the necessary precautions to create a safe clinic."


"I was recommended Jo by a friend of mine. Being a first time mom, I was initially sceptical about the effects of reflexology – but I couldn’t have been more wrong ! I found Jo’s sessions very helpful. Jo is very personable and easy to talk to. Her sessions helped me feel relaxed, rejuvenated and I would definitely recommend her."

Anu, Financial Analyst

Fertility Reflexology

" I saw Jo after my miscarriage & had read up about reflexology aiding the body to become pregnant & thought to give it a try. I did 6 initial sessions of fertility reflexology and found I was pregnant on my second session - i still cant believe I got pregnant so quickly.

I credit it to reflexology as i was very stressed at work, trying for a baby & moving houses & believe that these sessions primed my body to be in the best health it could be to help my little egg fertilise & stay! I continued my 6 fertility reflexology sessions & did 4 further sessions of reflexology as they were so relaxing.

Ive just had a session of hypnobirthing that i will use to help me in labour.

Jo is a lovely warm person who helped me when I was very low and will always highly recommend her skill and professionalism- please go & see her! I personally believe that stress alters hormone levels and can affect your mindset during trying for a baby, but with Jo I was able to look forward to my calming and relaxed treatments- you must give it a try.”

Amy, Business Manager

"When I met Jo I had been trying for a baby for around 14 months. I was initial looking at her support for relaxation as I wasn’t sleeping very well and was quite stressed. Jo helped me relax in a new way. She gave me a relaxation and fertility imaginary MP3 to listen to. This changed my sleep pattern very quickly and I began to feel more relaxed.

Then amazingly after a couple of sessions I found I was pregnant naturally, my husband was amazed and was certain that my pregnancy had everything to do with Jo’s treatment. The only thing I had done different was her sessions."

Rose, Marketing Manager

"I have been going to Jo for fertility reflexology for years and am finally expecting my first baby. The feeling of utter relaxation I get is priceless. Jo has an amazing sense of calm and kindness and it has done me the world of good. It's the most beneficial "me time" I've ever had."

Charlotte, PA

"I’ve visited Jo for reflexology sessions whilst trying to conceive and now during pregnancy in preparation for the birth and I’ll no doubt go on seeing her after it. The sessions are incredibly therapeutic and relaxing. I highly recommend a visit."

Caroline, Marketing Director

"Treatments with Jo were always a treat. They were always so relaxing, and I always felt uplifted and refreshed afterwards. They also helped with difficulty in sleeping, swollen ankles, stress and back pain. Having not tried hypnotherapy before I used it for for anxiety to support my fertility issues. I was very much reassured by Jo’s calm and professional approach which put me at ease straight away. I very much enjoyed the treatment and I would highly recommend Jo."

Sharon, Designer

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