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Why Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2019)
weight loss hypnotherapy

Considering Weight Loss Hypnotherapy?

There are plenty of pro’s and con’s pertaining to weight loss hypnotherapy. When you are looking into hypnotherapy fr practical weight loss, you'll need to come up with a balanced decision.  So lets look at the negatives as well as the positives.

Hypnosis possesses a huge out of date stigma linked to it. Sadly, when thinking about hypnotherapy you think about Performance Hypnotists. Let me assure you that Cognitive Hypnotherapy,  is in no way associated with this entertainment practice.

Hypnotherapy is not ideal for everyone. In order to achieve success you have to have a desire to change and possess some belief in the Hypnotherapy process. Your subconscious is paramount to effective Hypnotherapy.  If you come to hypnotherapy with a negative frame of mind you will limit your chance of success.

Why use Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Scientific evidence indicates long lasting weight reduction is feasible by making use of Weight Loss Hypnotherapy.

People were assessed on weight loss success using normal weight loss programmes  and compared with those who undertook lifestyle change with hypnotherapy. The long term outcomes of the studies showed hypnotherapy helped keep the weight off longer term far more compared to those with only a change in diet and exercise.

Our long term health is invaluable and weight loss hypnotherapy is a cost effective option compared to most weight reduction plans. Private surgical, a lifetime of diet tablets, and dusty gym cards are much more costly than a course of weight loss hypnotherapy.

Long term weight loss is achievable using Cognitive Hypnotherapy.  We will addresses ingrained behaviour patterns and thoughts; helping you to keep the weight off even after your sessions have finished. When people come for weight loss often other issues such as lack of self esteem may surface and we will also look at these and change your thoughts about yourself first.  The tools used in the Weight Loss Hypnotherapy programme will continue to be with you forever; so if you do have a binge or relapse you should find it easier to recover yourself.

Is Weight Loss Hypnotherapy for you?

hypnotherapy weight lossWhen you compare the arguments for and against, the advantages for weight loss hypnotherapy seem to outweigh the negatives. An amount maybe too big to dismiss?

If you are interested in finding out more and take the steps towards a healthier life and a better weight please have a look at my Weight Loss Programme.

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